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Highlights of F.N.H.S.




Progress of junior class of Fleming High School 

Our class has made considerable progress since first organized September 28. We elected as our class officers the following: Woodrow Reed, President; Ruth Harvath, Vice-President; Pearl Welch, Secretary; Harding Dawahare, Treasurer.

We determined at our first meet to earn some money during the year for a short journey at the end of school. Due to the scarcity of money we have to be patient with just a nickel or ten cents given at the time.

Our first money-making scheme was the selling of the school pennants at the Fleming-Whitesburg football game.

Our next step was selling ads for the Fleming-Jenkins basketball game. We want to express our thanks to the merchants of Neon and Fleming for their support and cooperation.

Our class sponsored the movie, “Alexander Graham Bell” at the Bentley Theatre and the whole school gave us their full cooperation.



We sold pennants to the four schools that participated in the district tournament held at the Fleming gym.

Wow, lay away a few pennies for our play, “Clover Time”, a three-act comedy that will really be a money-back guarantee for an evening of fun and relaxation. It will be on April 11 at the Fleming High School Auditorium. Reporters are Gaynelle Hancock and Pearl Welch.

(The above article from the March 21, 1940 Mountain Eagle)

Study courses begin

The Bible Study Course for both Fleming Girl Reserves and Hi-Y boys began last week. The title of the book, which is being studied, is “I Do As I Please.” The teacher for the Girl Reserves is Rev. J. S. Bell of Fleming. The teacher for the Hi-Y boys is Rev. John Isaacs of Neon. The course will continue until March 29. There are forty members in the Girl Reserve Club and approximately thirty members in the Hi-Y Clubs.



Basketball tournament at Fleming gym

The District Basketball Tournament for this season will be held in the Fleming gymnasium. The games will be in session for three consecutive nights, beginning February 29 and ending March 2. The first game, Feb. 29, Jenkins will play Whitesburg. Second game, March 1, Fleming will play Stuart Robinson. The final game will be played between the two winning teams, of the preceding games, Saturday night, March 2. All fans are urged to be present.

The Fleming Pirates consist of Center, Jesse Collins; Forwards, Clayton Stapleton and Lloyd McMillian; Guards, Sam Alfano and Ted Pass. Substitutes James Johnson, Sylvester Allen, Darrel and Hersh Hudgins and Ruddell Burklow.

(The above article from the February 22, 1940 Mountain Eagle)

Everybody else does

(By Hazel Bentley,

Fleming Hi School)

Of all the people you know, you’re the one who is kept from doing things. All the other girls can go out every night and come home when they are good and ready. You have to go to bed early and “get your growth,” even if you’re five feet nine and shops are just beginning to stock shoes in your size. Everybody else is wearing bright colors and costume jewelry, while you are still wearing the same blue that “always looked so good on you.” Everybody else goes to dances and stays out until the wee hours of morning. The family car is always ready for them to drive. They can go swimming in the starlight, take dancing lessons, study music, and at least one of your friends is going away to school this fall. But when you try to do these things you are hemmed in on all sides.

Here’s a situation. The telephone rings. You answer it and get a date for Saturday night. The boy is the one you have been thinking of almost all the time for the past month. You have been hoping he would call and at last you have that date to go to that new place that has just opened. It is about ten miles out-of-town. You are just jittering with happiness when mother comes along, with teething dress by adding new collar too young to go to that kind of place. And what would the neighbors think? At dinner that evening the family discuss this problem about our daughter jamboreeing around the countryside to places where drinks are served and they manage to get in a few statements about this silly idea of lipstick and polish to match.

But you can’t have everything. I think this is most discouraging when you FIRST find it out. But you’ll probably learn that. If you can’t have something there is a good reason. So why not go after the worthwhile things yourself.

When parents say that questionable nightclubs and staying out late are not quite the thing —they’ve got something on their side. You can give up going to the place they don’t like in favor of a nicer one. You can’t be safe in saying you would be robbed of anything. You’ll never be the problem child of a party. You’ll have just as much fun, and late hours make you look such a hag.

If your family can’t send you to college, there are lots of scholarships for students with good grades. Girls can learn to sew in order to have more cute cloths. Learn how to brighten up last year’s dress by adding a new collar and cuffs. Or wear a new gored apron skirt in a color contrasting to your dress. For evening and dates learn a new smart hairdo that you can easily manage yourself. There are lots of things we can do for ourselves if we want to do them bad enough.

(The above article from the February 8, 1940 Mountain Eagle)

Mr. Robert Jones becomes our new principal

We are happy to welcome to our school two new teachers, Mr. Morris Hogg and Mr. William Hall. We hope they will enjoy teaching here, and we feel sure that the students will give them their full cooperation. Of course, we all liked Mr. Robert Jones as a teacher, and now we like him even better as our principal. We know that he will make a success of this job, and be well liked by both the student body and the parents.

(The above article from the September 26, 1940 Mountain Eagle)

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