Whitesburg KY

Highlights of F.N.H.S



1967 Song dedications

“It Takes Two”- Doris J. to Stanford B.; Gwendolyn H. to Tommy M.; Barbara B. to Glenn G.

“I Think We’re Alone Now”-Dianna G. to Freddie H.

“Dedicated to the One I Love”- Idella H. to Wayne S.; Faye to Winn.

“I’m Your Puppet”- Judy to Billy.

“Stand by Me”-Donna to Jimbo.

“Good Thing”-Ann to Rex C.

“Tell It Like It Is”-Kaye to Allen; Irene to Butch.

“Words of Love”-Gwen Q. to Someone Special.”

“ You’ve Got What It Takes”-Ernie N. to Gwen.

“It’s Only Love Trying to Get Through”-Barbara to Jimmy.

“Pushing Too Hard”- Barbara to the “Broom”.

“ Baby I Need Your Loving”-Jessie to Jennifer

“All the world’s a stage and everyone must play a part,” wrote Shakespeare long ago. Even today we think this still holds true. Although this is not Hollywood and there are no studios around close; we still think we have our actors. Therefore, we decided to go on a talent hunt, and this is the result.

Ringo-Dinky Nelson; Richard Burton-Johnny Breeding; Liz Taylor-Rose Elswick; Righteous Brothers Martin and Randy Houston; Paul McCarthy- Mitchell Meade; Annette Funicello-Barbara Gibson; Shelly Fabraes-Carol Bentley.

Paul and Paula-Sammy M. & Karen S.; Jan and Dean-Linville M. & Mike H.; Don Adams-P.M.; Bobby Vee-Kenny J. Loretta Lynn-Linda Craft; Johnny Cash-Dennis Nelson; Dean Martin-Wayne Stapleton; Nancy Sinatra-Mary Jane Lively; Porter Wagoner- Donnie Banks.

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