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Highlights of F.N.H.S.

Class News

Senior class: The seniors are doing a fine job on working this year to go on their trip to Washington which will be in April and they are to go by train.

The seniors sponsored a movie “Yes Sir That’s My Baby”, which was a great success.

The seniors also sponsored a spaghetti supper, which also was a great success. They cleared $300.

The seniors are also selling at the basketball games.

Keep up the good work, seniors, and you will get to Washington.

Junior class

The junior class cleared approximately $200 on their Christmas cards. They are practicing on their play which is to be February 26, “The Nut Family”. It is according to Miss Reasor, “Play of the Year”. The juniors have plans to take the seniors on a picnic.

Sophomore class

The sophomores are pretty quiet for they haven’t had much in their class meetings.

They have been having programs for the last few meetings.

They lost their President, Dudley Skaggs, whom we all hate to see go.

Freshman class

The freshman class has also been quiet except their physical exams that were given to them two weeks ago.

Other than this they have been having programs during their class meetings.

Sports news

Fleming upset Whitesburg Friday night at the Fleming gym with a score of 57 to 51. Fleming jumped into the lead 5-0 in the first few minutes of the game, keeping the lead all through the first quarter with a score of 13 to 10. Coming back into the second quarter with more power than ever, taking the lead at the first part of the quarter and then Whitesburg picked up speed and took the lead at the half with a score of 22 to 23.

After the half Coach Ritter’s boys came back with winning power in them and took the lead in the third quarter and all through the remainder of the game. At the end of the fourth quarter the score was Fleming 57 WHS 51.

The Fleming boys controlled the backboards throughout the game and that was the difference. It was Hawley again who led the Pirates with 16 points to be high point man for Fleming with Williams next with 14 points followed by Murphy who also played a fine game. High point man for Whitesburg was Tolliver who was held down to 16 and Sexton with eight points. It was a team victory with all the boys playing their best.

Social notes

Fleming- Neon High has gained a few married couples, they are: Miss Barbara Cox who married James Nunley. Barbara is now with her husband.

The former Miss Lois Hampton is now Mrs. Jerry Holmes. She is no longer in school but in Ohio with her husband.

George Sheffield, a former student of F-N, married Miss Cleda Rae Cox during the Christmas vacation.

A member of the senior class, Mabel Hall, married Sgt. Denver Adams on Jan. 4, 1952 at 3 p.m. The bride intends to finish this school term.

Music season opens at


The Fleming-Neon band opened a greater music season with a concert the 25th of January.

The program consisted of solos, overtures, novelties, and popular music. Two of the United States Service Marches, Semper Fidelis and Anchors Aweigh, were included on the program. Mr. Bertram N. Haigh, Robert Welch were soloist with Mr. Hugh Adams accompanying them at the piano. The cornet quartet, Robert Welch, Sammy Burkelow, Cleatis Holbrook, and Huey Anderson, played Jesus, Joy of Men’s Desiring and Festival prelude.

The band plans two more concerts this spring. The dates for these concerts are for the fourth of March and the 22nd of April.

This promises to be the greatest music season in the bands history. The band will appreciate your support, so everyone come out and back the band at their next two concerts.

Members of the band are: Reva Nell Lewis, Marsha Burkelow, Parky Kincer, Ruby Nelson, Connie Reed, Everett Dearing, Junior Hunter, Ruby Rudd, Melvin Stewart, Bartie Bates, Adrian Jackson, Joyce Kuhl, Bobbie Browning, Betty Sue Correll, Dorothy Corrello, Norma Addington, Marlene Hall, David Spence, Gary Yonts, Betty Lou Cureton, Roosevelt Noble, Rex Tucker, Thomas Fuller, Billy Burchwell, Huey Anderson, Sammy Reynolds, Joyce Burkelow, Cleatis Holbrook, Bobby Welch.

Director B.M. Haigh, Regina Blankenship, Joe Edward Broome, Richard Lewis, Ruth Ashcraft, Billy Bates, Dorothy Hughes, Dudley Skaggs, Floyd Meade, Annette Gibson, J. V. Quillen, Neal Wormsley and Charles Holbrook.

Orchids and onions

Orchids to Mabel for waiting for Denver. Onions to the people who played hooky the last day of the last semester.

Orchids to Jack and Tressie for their long, happy courtship. Onions to the students who chew gum and talk in assembly.

Orchids to the band for their improvement this year. Onions to James H. for wearing his cowboy clothes all the time.

Orchids to Coach Ritter for building such a good ball team. Onions to the students who are still in the noon hour study hall.

(The above articles from the February 1952 Fleming- Neon Hi Times Newspaper.)

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