Whitesburg KY

Highlights of F.N. High School

Some of the members of the senior class:




Eleanor Bentley: Girls’ Rifle Club, President, Future Teachers, Conservation Club, Pep Club, Library, President.

Emil Cook: Science Club, Hi-Y Club.

Betty Davis: Conservation Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Pep Club, Rifle.

Phillip Higgins: Pep Club, Conservation Club, Letterman Club, Hi-Y, Football, Baseball, Track.

Alma Jean Holt: Future Nurses Club, Girls’ Rifle, Tri- Hi-Y, Speech and Drama.

Daniel Isaac: Hi-Y Club, Conservation Club.

Margaret Jones: Bible Club, Conservation, Pep, Girls’ Rifle, Vice-President.

James McKinny: Conservation Club, Pep Club, Hi-Y, Letterman Club.

Delois Nelson: Pep Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Rifle, Band, Majorette.

Robert Smith, Jr.: Conservation Club, Pep Club.

Greta Taylor: Conservation Club, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Science, Pep, Girls’ Rifle.

Gary Underwood: Conservation Club, Pep, Science.

Vivian Burke: Future Homemakers, President, Future Teachers, Rifle, Pep Club.

Tommy Yonts: Conservation

Club, Pep, Hi-Y.

Henrietta Tolliver: Bible Club, Future Nurses, Girls’ Rifle, Annual Staff.

Ellis Mullins: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track

Yearbook Dedication: To a man esteemed within our hearts, a loyal man, an impartial worker, and a noble friend, a determined man weaving dreams into reality, who has served well for Fleming-Neon High School, its faculty and student body.

To Mr. Roy T. Reasor, a graduate of our school, a teacher, and now our beloved principal, we affectionately dedicate this 1961 Buccaneer.

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