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Highlights of Fleming-Neon H.S.




Money is rolling

Each teacher teaching in Fleming-Neon High School received approximately $53 of the proceeds from the Hallowe’en Carnival. The teachers plan to spend their money in the following manner: Miss McAuley Shades for her room; Miss Reasor-Equipment for her Physical Ed. Classes and her Biology class; Mrs. Webb-Classroom flag and tape recorder; Mrs. Lewis- Shades for her room; Mrs. Boggs-Charts for her Health class; Mrs. Holbrook-Classroom flag and cords for the shades in the study hall; Mrs. Mercer-Small kitchen equipment; Mrs. Belcher- Music; Mr. Wright-Physical Education equipment; Mr. Hazen-Science and Physics Equipment ; Mr. Frazier- Covers for typewriters; Mr. Fields-Chalkboard and wall maps and fix the shades in his room; Mr. Hurst-Football equipment; Mr. Morgan Football equipment.

Puppet show

On Friday, December 3, a puppet show was presented to Fleming High School and Grade School. The main part was the “Punch and Judy” show, which has been on television. They also had two talking dolls. There were many laughs, and a good time for all.

Class news:

Speech-The Speech Class presented a thirtyminute play December 11, entitled “Short of Murder”. The characters were Arville Kiser, Patty Reed, Bob McKinney, Ralph Holbrook, Bernease King, Frances Combs, Ida Cureton, Johnny Spicer and Peggy Burkich.

Senior-The Senior Class is working very hard to raise money for the senior trip. The seniors will hold a Christmas Dance during the holiday break.

Nathaniel Youth


The National Youth Crusaders visited our school Friday morning, December 3rd. Mr. Bill Lewis opened the program with a trumpet Solo, “Silent Night”. Mr. Lewis was also the speaker of the morning. A morning of Christmas was given by Mrs. Bill Lewis. The student body enjoyed the program and we are looking forward to the next visit.

Glee Club to present

Christmas program

The Glee Club will present a Christmas program December 17, 1954. This program will be a narration with a narrator reading the Christmas story and the chorus singing the Christmas songs that fit in with the reading.

The second grade rhythm band will do three numbers which will be “Frosty the Snowman”, “Rudolph, the Red Nose Reindeer”, and “Away in a Manger”.

All I want for Christmas

Santa Please Bring: Jimmy Quillen-A new Ford; Betty Kincer-Luggage; Jimmy Webb-My teeth; Dewana Vance-Luggage; Otho Bentley A girlfriend; Shirley Stevens To turn the clock back to Friday night, November 26, 1954; Harold Browning Just Betty Faye; Mable Fleming-An engagement ring; Pat Sturgill- A hotrod; Ruby Nelson-Jack Sowards; Bernease King-D.A. Yonts; Dora Stevens-A doll; Dickie Johnson-Marilyn Monroe.

New Year’s resolutions

Claudette Amburgey-Try to not argue with Ronnie Crosbie; Betty Goodman- Leave all the boys alone and stick to my books; Dewey Spears-I don’t need to make any new ones; Dora Stevens-Leave all the boys alone; Patsy Collier-Go to Jenkins Prom; Derrielene Short-To get to ride in Jo Ray Day’s DeSota; Minnie Webb-Ride in a blue Mercury; Billie Collins-Try to be a good little girl; Frances Jones-Write Paul Smith every day; Wilma Beech-Try to get all the blond headed boys; Billy Ables-Try to quit all the girls; Anna Warf-My one ambition-get a boyfriend.

Society news

A birthday party was given in the honor of Earnestine Wright, Saturday, November 20 at her home. Refreshments were served and she received many nice gifts. Anna Ruth Warf celebrated her birthday with a party at her home. She received lots of nice presents. Cokes, sandwiches, cookies and candy were served. Everyone had fun. Janice Hansel celebrated her birthday by giving a party, Saturday, Nov. 20th, at her home. After refreshments were served, she opened her many birthday packages. Geraldine Wright gave a birthday party, Saturday, Nov. 20th, at her home. Refreshments were Cokes, sandwiches, cookies, and potato chips.

What the teachers want for Christmas

Miss Reasor-A diamond; Miss McAuley- Cadillac Convertible; Mrs. Holbrook- Lots of Library Books; Mrs. Mercer-Automatic Sewing Machine; Mrs. Boggs-Anything and Everything; Mrs. Lewis-A mink coat; Mrs. Webb-Twenty-four hours of sleep; Mrs. Belcher-A home in Maine; Mr. Hurst-A million dollars; Mr. Fields-A large church attendance all the time; Mr. Hazen-Marilyn Monroe; Mr. Wright-Cute brown head; Mr. Frazier- Cowboy hat; Mr. Morgan-A new group of Comrades and a box of dynamite; Mr. Holbrook A Christmas Bonus.

Davie Jones locker

Looks like Evelyn Amburgey is having some happy days again. Sure glad to hear that, Evelyn. Good luck to the both of you. Girls! Girls! Haven’t you seen Gary Yonts and Paul Holbrook looking for a cute girl? Better get to work now before it’s too late. What’s the matter with Lester Young? He doesn’t seem to pay any attention to the girls. Let’s break that spell, girls. Wonder how Shirley Stevens is coming along with that boy from Jenkins. Maybe old Cupid had better move in. Sadie Wise and Bobby Hansel seem to be getting along just fine. Hope you kids keep it up. Carol Richardson, don’t tell us you like Jenkins too. Wonder who it could be over there. Joyce Nelson seems to have her eye on a certain boy. Who is he, Joyce? Whom do we see standing in the hall all the time together? Is it Betty Kincer and Ray Murphy?

I’ll bet Scrooch Baker is real lonesome now. Why? Well, Billy Ray Wilfong has gone back to Cleveland. Seems as if Ruby White and Johnny Spicer plan to make a go of it again this year. Good luck, kids. Lavonne Elkins and Richard Lewis are at it again. Best of luck to the both of you. Hey, Patty Redd, why won’t you tell us who that six-foot fellow you’re always talking about is? Come on, Patty, and give in. Patsy Collier seems to be another girl up here that likes Jenkins so well. Could it be because of Jimmy Witt, Patsy? Wonder who Marlene Robbins has her eyes on now. Couldn’t be James Elkins, could it, Marlene?

(This article from the December 1954 Fleming-Neon Hi Times Newspaper)

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