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Highlights of Fleming-Neon H.S.




Class news

Seniors — The seniors this year are very energetic. They have sponsored more projects and made more money than any preceding graduating class. Among their selling projects are ballgames, “Pirate” pens, Stanley products, and magazine subscriptions. The seniors seem determined to obtain their goal — New York and Washington! They have no new projects planned for the present but you can be sure they have not quit.

Juniors — The main objective of the juniors is preparing for the Junior-Senior prom. Their campaigns to raise money so far this year have been a successful Homecoming dance, a continuing sale of Christmas cards, selling “Pirate” license plates, and a bake sale on Election Day.

Club news

F.H.A.: Sponsor, Mrs. Quillen; President Bonnie Perkins. The Future Homemakers wish to make a correction in last month’s paper. Their purpose is not to be housewives, but to better the homes of the future with nine purposes. The F.H.A. had a “Get acquainted” party for the new members. Thirteen girls came and they all had a nice time. The F.H.A. members are taking donations on a turkey. They were also planning a talent show for Thanksgiving, it will be given for the school, Nov. 23,1965.

4-H Club: Sponsor, Mr. Arthur; President Gary Pack. The Fleming-Neon chapter of the Letcher County 4-H Club was invited to participate in a talent show to be held at Whitesburg November 13, 1965. No one from Fleming-Neon participated.

Future Teachers: Sponsors, Mrs. Marrow, Mr. Evanoff, Mr. Honeycutt; President Danny Halcomb. The Future Teachers are proud of their newspaper, and hope the students continue to buy it. The members of the club are planning to visit a college early next spring.

On Friday, Nov. 12, 1965, various members of the Future Teachers accompanied visiting parents around the school in observance of National Education Week.

Klassroom Klatter

What are Judy Baker and Linda Craft up to this year? Tell us, girls.

Hey! Who is the girl in 5th period literature who got moved for talking? Could it be Portia N.?

Who is the girl who thinks she can sing like Brenda Lee? Could it be Barbara B?

What junior girl enjoys her rests on the steps? Tell us, Kay S.

What three girls in 2nd period study hall had to write 500 times for Mr. Waddell? Could it be Sue C., Carolyn P. and our old Italian Ravioli?

Freddie, what’s this we hear about a freshman girl named Marie asking you for a picture?

What senior girl gives Mr. Watts a hard time in Bookkeeping? Could it be Linda T.?

What psychology teacher gave the 4th period class a test and put some answers on the board, then left them for 5th period (by accident), but was reminded to erase them? Tell us, Mr. Evanoff.

What Bookkeeping teacher makes mistakes accidently on purpose? Could it be, yes, it is Mr. Watts.

What senior cheerleader sits up until 2 a.m. listening to Elvis? It couldn’t be B. M., Could it?

Who did we see Dorothy H. with at the Lynch ballgame? Could it be Bobby K.? Tell us, Dot.

Can you imagine?

Mrs. Webb with Beatle boots? Tim Rash with a flattop? Mr. Evanoff in Vietnam? Coach Roberts doing the bird? Mr. Honeycutt on a wrestling team? Mrs. Blair as a hat girl? Jenkins’s girls going to school here? Coach Isaacs playing the flute? Larry Jones with a beard? An elephant with P.M. Hogg’s ears? Lloyd Abdoo keeping his nose out of other people’s business? Mr. Stallard excited? David Lucas with Dennis Nelson’s feet?

Song dedications

Barbara G. to Johnny C., Katrina to George T., Kathy to Ronnie, Jessie to Hargus, “Baby, I’m Yours”. Cheri to Harold, “Lover’s Concerto”. Peggy to Bobby, Dorothy to William, “You’re on My Mind”.

(The above article from the 1965-66 Pirate Eye Newspaper.)

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