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Highlights of Fleming-Neon H.S.

1952 Band opens music season

The music season in Fleming and Neon will open on Thursday, Jan. 25, when the band from the high school, under the direction of Bertram N. Haigh, presents the first of three formal concerts.

The first concert will be played in the high school auditorium, and offer as soloists the director, who is a nationally famous horn player, and Robert Welch, the solo cornetist of the band.

The band is smaller this year than last, and some sections are not balanced, but the band has dug in and promises to do credit to Neon by its playing. On the program are two marches, a selection from the Magic Flute, a popular group, and Novelties.

The cornet will be heard in the Festival Prelude of Johnson, and a martial number. Its members are Robert Welch, Cleatis Holbrook, J.V. Quillen, and Huey Anderson.

Bertram N. Haigh will do a group of three numbers with the assistance of Hugh Adams pianist. The group consists of the Strauss Horn Concerto of Strauss, the Waiting Music from Madame Butterfly and Hunters Chorus. Mr. Haigh is a former horn player with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and the Minneapolis Symphony.

Robert Welch will have Mr. Adams as accompanist and play the second and the third movements of the Concerto for Trumpet by Haydn.

Members of the band include all grades from the 7th through high school, and the band will be in the new uniforms.

Members of the Fleming Neon High School Band this year are: Reva Nell Lewis, Marsha Burkelow, Parky Kincer, Ruby Nelson, Connie Reed, Everett Dearing, Junior Hunter, Ruby Rudd, Melvin Stewart, Bartie Bates, Adrian Jackson, Joyce Kuhl, Bobbie Browning, Betty Sue Corrello, Norma Addington, Marlene Hall, David Spence, Gary Yonts, Betty Lou Cureton, Roosevelt Noble, Rex Tucker, Thomas Fuller, Billy Burchwell, Huey Anderson, Sammy Alwyn Reynolds, Joyce Burkelow, Cleatis Holbrook, Bobby Welch.

Other members of the band are Regina Blankenship, Broome, Richard Lewis, Ruth Ashcraft, Billy Bates, Dorothy Hughes, Dudley Skaggs, Floyd Meade, Annette Gibson, J. V. Quillen, Neal Wormsley and Charles Holbrook.

(The above article from the Jan. 17, 1952 Mountain Eagle.)

New majorettes

We have lost two of our majorettes, Barbara Cox and Lois Compton, and we have elected two new ones. They are Joyce Broome and Reba Nell Lewis. We hope that you girls will do a good job and we wish you all the luck in the world. The other majorettes are Betty Correll, Bobbie Browning and Joyce Kuhl.

Chapel Programs by Millie Bentley

The Fleming-Neon High School has been having a series of devotional programs. They have been conducted by ministers from our community churches. Rev. Carl Miller, Rev. J.R. Isaacs, Rev. J. Davis, Rev. Browning, and Rev. Edna Miller, also “The Nathaniel Youth Crusaders.”

We are also glad that Lois Webb, a student from our school, had a hand in selecting their name.

The school is thankful for having these ministers and crusaders coming to our school, taking time that they could be doing something else to bring the student body and the teachers the messages of our dear Savior who died for all our sins.

From the Sports Page

Jenkins Downed by Pirates in Overtime

Fleming-Neon lowered the boom when they beat Jenkins 41-40. High point man for F-N was Hawley with 10 points and our freshman Johnny Cox with nine points and getting a field goal in the overtime period to win the game. Williams tied the game with two free throws and getting six points all together. Jenkins’ high point man was Tucker with 11 points. Jenkins led Fleming at the end of the first quarter 13 to 9 by halftime they had built up a score of 23 to 16.

Going into the third quarter trailing by seven points Fleming cut the lead to 27-28. Just before the quarter ended F-N went ahead 29-28, Fleming getting 13 points and Jenkins getting only five. Fourth quarter Jenkins took the lead and kept it until the closing seconds of the game when Williams tied it up 39-39.

Going into the overtime period Cox scored a field goal in the first minute making it 41-39 in favor of F-N.

Baker of Jenkins got two foul shots, making only one of them, and then the score was 41-40 in Fleming’s favor ending the game.

The Pirates Chest

Mary Jo, does Ruth know that you are still seeing Pee Wee? If she knew she sure would be mad. Wouldn’t she? Who has been going to see Agnes Pressnel at Haymond? Could that be Bill Marcum? Why don’t some of you boys wake up and take a look at Sarah Kincer? She sure is cute. Carolyn G., have you and James Perry quit again? Don’t worry he will write to you. Remember true love never runs smoothly. Johnnie Kiser, why don’t you tell who your crush is? You can’t keep it a secret all the time you know. Someone will find out. Elizabeth Lee, it looks as if you and Emmett have quit for good. Do you still have that crush on Johnny Mullins from McRoberts? Dorothy C,. don’t be so heartbroken about you and Bobby Ladd. You may make up or maybe you don’t want to, huh? Why does Tressie look so let down? Is it because Jack has to go to the Army? We sure hate to see him go too.

(The above articles from the Feb. 1952 Fleming-Neon Hi Times Newspaper.)

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