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Highlights of Fleming-Neon H.S




Senior play

Hobgoblin House,” a 3-act mystery-comedy given by the Senior Class May 11, was a rousing success. Mary Lou Adams and Dan Blair were really good in their roles.

Aunt Pricilla, played by Norma Mullins, was a good part and Norma did it justice. Lester Craft really succeeded in finishing scaring everyone to death. The part of Darius Krupp suited him to a “T”.

All the other characters were really good and the play was enjoyed by everyone. According to the opinion of most everyone, “Hobgoblin House” is one of the best plays ever to be presented in Fleming High School.

The cast consisted of Lester Craft, Norma Mullins, Joyce Akers, Violet Akers, Leroy Fulton, Bobby Burkich, Carlene Trent, Dan Blair, Mary Lou Adams, Conley Webb, Charles Hughes and Peggy Catron.

Outstanding seniors

This doesn’t mean those who are taller or bigger than the other seniors, this means those who have done something exclusive.

Take this for instance, Bobby Burkich had his appendix extracted in Washington, so now he doesn’t want to go to New York for fear he will have to have a leg taken off.

And this, Mary Lou Adams, who is quite the biggest, was the first individual to give a recital at F.H.S. She stood on her own two legs too and not on the piano’s.

Now take Lola Wright, she was voted best athletic girl in the senior class, and that Dan Blair, believe it or not, was voted cutest boy (uh in the Senior class of course).

Lester Ray Craft was voted most athletic boy and Bobby Burkich, best all around (and we don’t mean around the waist).

Rosa and Leroy Fulton were voted most intelligent. Rosa couldn’t stand for another Fulton to be smarter than her, so she stuffed the ballot box. Now, now, Rosa, you know it’s true.

While in Washington, Orell Johnson went to a burlesque show and got himself lost behind the curtain. Some of you will say, “What’s so outstanding about this?” Well his eyes were!

The whole senior class is outstanding in that this remark was heard the other day. “This is the biggest senior class ever to graduate from Fleming High School.

Science Club dance

On Saturday night, May 8, the Science Club sponsored a dance given in the gymnasium, which was decorated very attractively in blue and white. Everyone had a wonderful time, and an unusually large crowd turned out for the event. Miss Reeda Reasor, sponsor of the club, and the science club members worked hard in planning for the dance and their work wasn’t in vain, because it proved to be a huge success.

The Knot Hole by Peepin’ Tom

I wonder why Nancy Lee goes around writing hers and Widdie’s name on the board. Don’t you know Joyce has him hooked? Or has she?

Jimmy, why isn’t your hair as curly as it used to be? Isn’t Betty Sue running her fingers through it anymore?

Bobby seems to be a very shy boy around girls, that is, all except Bobbie Jean, but don’t give up girls, his resistance will break one of the days. That is if it already hasn’t.

How did Bobby get his lipstick for the play? He said it was secondhand. Would you know anything about it Miss Shearer?

Class history part 1

On Sept. 4, 1944, approximately 120 young people entered the doors of Fleming High School seeking to further their education. Upon being admitted and welcomed by Mr. Hall, they discovered that they were classified in the freshman bracket, or first year high school. At first, they were a rather awkward group both in the halls and the classrooms, but with the aid and examples set by the upper classmen, they soon joined the laughing bright group of students for which Fleming is famous. At first, they were fooled by Mr. Isaac’s friendly smile in the science room, but soon found he could smile just as friendly when keeping them in or sending them to the office. In Mrs. Hall’s English class there were many who thought they were going through the floor when she looked at them but soon discovered she was just getting acquainted, especially with the sly person attempting to use his book during a test. They soon discovered that to stay in Mrs. Floyd’s and Mrs. Wise’s classes, they had to take their seats before the bell rang and stay there unless told otherwise. Many of the boys went out to seek glory field and basketball court but soon discovered it took more than one year of bruises to make Coach Enlow’s team.

(The above articles from the May 1948 Fleming Hi Time.)

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