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Highlights of Fleming-Neon H.S.




Nathaniel Youth


The Nathaniel Youth Crusaders visited our school Friday morning, Dec. 3. Mr. Bill Lewis opened the program with a trumpet solo, “Silent Night”. Mr. Lewis was also the speaker of the morning. A Monolog of Christmas was given by Mrs. Bill Lewis.

The student body enjoyed the program and we are looking forward to their next visit.

Glee Club to present Christmas program

The Glee Club will present a Christmas program Dec. 17, 1954. This program will be a narration with a narrator reading the Christmas story and the chorus singing the Christmas songs that fit in with the reading.

The second- grade rhythm band will do three numbers which will be “Frosty the Snowman,” “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,” and “Away in a Manager.”

Society news

A birthday party was given in the honor of Earnestine Wright, Saturday, Nov. 20 at her home. Refreshments were served and she received many nice gifts.

Anna Ruth Warf celebrated her birthday with a party at her home. She received lots of nice presents. Cokes, sandwiches, cookies and candy were served. Everyone had fun.

Janice Hansel celebrated her birthday by giving a party, Saturday, Nov. 20 at her home. After refreshments were served she opened her many birthday packages.

Geraldine Wright gave a birthday party, Saturday, Nov. 20 at her home. Refreshments were Cokes, sandwiches, cookies and potato chips. She received some very nice gifts.

Shirley Stevens celebrated her 17th birthday by having a party Saturday, Nov. 20 at her home. Quite a lot of her friends were there. Refreshments were served and she received some nice presents. Everyone enjoyed themselves.

A slumber party was given by Carrie Joan Quillen, Wednesday night, Nov. 23. A lot of her friends attended and everyone had loads of fun.

Miss Helen Wheeler of Jenkins, became the bride of Mr. John B. Morgan, Thursday at 9 p.m., at the Fleming Baptist Church, with the Rev. Calvin C. Fields, officiating.

Mr. Morgan, formally of Middlesboro, is a teacher at Fleming-Neon High School.

Mrs. David Hurst was the matron of honor and Mr. Drexel Morgan, the brother of the groom, was the best man.

Money is rolling

Each teacher teaching in Fleming Neon High School received approximately $53 of the proceeds from the Hallowe’en Carnival. The teachers plan to spend their money in the following manner: Miss McAuley, shade for her room; Miss Reasor, equipment for her Physical Ed., classes and her Biology class; Mrs. Webb, classroom flag and tape recorder; Mrs. Lewis, shade for her room; Mrs. Boggs, charts for her Health class; Mrs. Holbrook, classroom flag and cords for shades in the study hall; Mrs. Mercer, small kitchen equipment; Mrs. Belcher, music; Mr. Wright, Physical Education equipment; Mr. Hazen, Science and Physics equipment; Mr. Frazier, covers for typewriters; Mr. Fields, chalkboard and wall maps and fix the shades in his room; Mr. Hurst, football equipment ; Mr. Morgan, football equipment.

And he thought, by Peggy Burkich

A student walked into the study hall — plopped down and carelessly turned the pages of his book. Several problems filled his mind. . Wonder what I made on my test? Might have failed. Sure never studied very much . . . Wonder if she will give me a date next Saturday night?

Many thoughts filled this boy’s mind, all except his book before him. Then the teacher started talking. . . “I must listen to her, it may be important,” he mused. The teacher did have something very important to say. “The purpose of study hour is to take advantage of it. Try to get as much out of studying as possible.” It might be me she is talking to. Even if she isn’t, she is right. I must bring up that grade because I know I failed that last test. Maybe you will change your mind about study hall!

Fleming first victory over Dorton, 60-64

The game started off with a bang! Fleming out in front 8 to 0 in the first two minutes of play. Fleming used the weave in the first half and opened a lot of plays, especially under the basket for Ray Murphy. In the first three quarters Fleming stayed from 12 to 14 points in the lead until the last quarter when Dorton came back with a fast-breaking team to get within one point of the leading score within less than two minutes to go. But Fleming held the rebound percentage and held possession of the ball while scoring 64 to 60.

Jim Ables and O.C. James playing excellent ball for the night.

New Year’s resolutions

Claudette Amburgey, try to not argue with Ronnie Crosbie; Betty Goodman, leave all the boys alone and stick to my books; Dewey Spears, I don’t need to make any new ones; Dora Stevens, leave all the boys alone; Patsy Collier, go to the Jenkins Prom; Derrielene Short, to get to ride in Jo Ray Day’s DeSoto; Minnie Webb, ride in a blue Mercury; Billie Collins, try to be a good little girl; Frances Jones, write Paul Smith every day; Wilma Beech, try to behave in all my classes; Billy Ables, try to quit all the girls; Anna Warf, my one ambition — get a boyfriend.

David Jones locker

Arnold Gibson seems to be getting along pretty good. Lots of luck, kids.

Dora Stevens and Donnie Skaggs sure do make a cute couple. Let’s keep it like that, kids.

Wonder why Louise Maman isn’t going with the boys up here. Could it be because of Frank West, Louise?

I wonder why Polly Adams looks so happy. Could Jimmy Tolliver be the answer?

Say Helen Taylor, why do you keep going to the post office so often? Could it be you’re looking for a letter from Kent Morton?

Wonder why Carol Webb looks so happy now? Could it be because her and Bruce Mullins are back together?

(The above articles from the December 1954 Fleming Neon Hi Times Newspaper.)

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