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Highlights of Fleming-Neon H.S.



The Pirates log for April

Media Center – The Fleming-Neon Library Media Center will be sponsoring a Book Fair, April 16-23. All students and parents are welcome to attend. Students, if there are any specific Authors or Titles you wish to see included in the Book Fair, please let me know in the next few weeks! Books make excellent gifts, and help turn students into lifelong readers. Everyone is welcome.

Art Department – The Art Room has been moved. At the end of the first semester, the Art Room was moved to the Industrial Arts Building. The facilities are much better with quite a bit more space. Plans are now in the making to have all classes come to the Art Room for specific projects designed by the Art teacher in cooperation with the regular classroom teacher to go with units they are teaching.

Humanities Class – A Humanities Class is being offered to all Juniors. This includes art, music, and other areas of Fine Arts. The purpose of this class is to help all Juniors prepare for this area of the KIRIS assessment.



Off to Washington – Our seniors visited our Nation’s Capital from April 4, 1996 to April 7, 1996. They visited many points of interest including the Capitol building, Ford Theatre, the Smithsonian, with highlights being the West End Dinner Theatre and a Boat Cruise on the Potomac.

Interdisciplinary American History – We have been working with Teachers from other areas for three portfolio assignments. The first one was with Mrs. Jones (Math Teacher). Our Time period was “The Great Depression” and Mrs. Jones came up with the idea to find the area of the “Dust Bowl”. Mrs. Jones and I distributed a map of the “Dust Bowl”, 2 sheets of grid paper, carbon paper,and a T182 calculator. The first way we solved the area by using basic Algebraic formulas, and we solved for X miles by using the scale off of the legend on the map. The second way was to use the calculator to plot points and use formulas. The students enjoyed following the processes and had to write a portfolio assignment by explaining the steps to get their answer. They also had to come up with a third way on their own.

The second teacher we worked with was Brenda Baker, our Band Director and Music/Chorus Teacher. She did a 1-day presentation of “Jazz.” We were in the “Roaring 20’s” and Jazz was very “Hot”. The class videotaped Ms. Baker’s presentation to be shown later. The class loved the music and the History of Jazz, and how it is used today.

The third project is to work with Ms. Morrow’s English classes. We are doing research in my class and they are writing it up in Ms. Morrow’s class. The research is over the “Great Depression”. The students in each class have to make a newspaper, and each student is researching an article .

The students are having fun and working very hard on their projects. This will be a portfolio assignment for both classes.

Mountain Heritage Essay Contest -Larissa Hogg was one of the winners of this year’s essay contest.


The Tie That Binds”

There are many ties that bind mountain people together. When thinking about mountain ties my thoughts begin to drift to family gatherings, churches, and community organizations. These mountain ties keep bringing people back home from time to time. Being a member of the younger generation here in the mountain community, when thinking of my personal mountain ties, high school sports immediately come to mind. There are many interesting and exciting aspects of mountain high school sports. Three of these aspects that I would like to discuss are the many positive personal traits and habits that are developed through participation, the community’s role, and my own personal involvement with mountain sports.

I believe that the development of the positive mountain work ethic, the strong morals and values, and the belief in complete success are all directly related to the participation of mountain sports. The athletes in this region become totally devoted to their particular sporting event. The teams practice daily for three or four hours. Oftentimes the season never ends. Several teams travel to summer camps and condition for their sports year-round. Through experience the teammates learn how to effectively work together in unison. The teams set goals and then strive to reach them. The irreplaceable feeling of success is their reward. Many mountain teams have progressed on to win in state tournaments and playoffs. Through these experiences the athletes learn what it takes to be a successful person. They acquire the ability to succeed and their hardworking, strong-willed traits are carried on throughout their entire lives. Mountain sports should be credited with playing a major role in the personality development of our youth.

The second topic that I would like to discuss is the community’s involvement with our athletic teams here in the mountains. Parents serve in booster committees, constantly working to purchase new equipment for the teams. There are several different fund-raising projects taken on by the booster committees. Local business people willingly give money to support the teams. On game night it seems that the entire community, young and old, come out to cheer on their favorite team. The fans wear their team’s colors and scream to the top of their voices. The week before the game several different places of business paint positive words of encouragement on their windows to support the athletes. The entire student body is usually also very active in showing support of their team. The students hold enthusiastic pep rallies, make signs, paint faces, and create fan tunnels for the team to run through. If it is a really big game with a rival opponent, there may be a parade with the home team riding on the firetruck through town. The streets are lined with fans screaming their votes of confidence as the team passes. This encouragement and dedicated support from the community affords the athletes with the ability to have confidence in themselves.

My personal involvement in high school sports has vastly affected my life. I have been involved in mountain sports for my entire life. For as long as I can remember, my entire family has been faithful supporters of the Fleming-Neon Pirates. My high school experience has included playing basketball for the Fleming-Neon Lady Pirates. Our team is very hard working. On average, we practice about fifteen hours a week. Due to conditioning and summer camps our season is year-round. I have been fortunate to be a member of several successful Lady Pirate basketball teams. In 1992, our hard work paid off as we earned a trip to the single A state tournament. There is no explanation of the feeling you get walking out on the floor in a college gym, loyal fans cheering, and pride bursting your heart. I have developed lifelong friendships with members of my Lady Pirate teammates. I believe that through experiences on this team, I have truly developed as an individual. I have learned just how much hard work is required in order to succeed. The ability to work well with others and giving my best at all times are two traits that have been acquired. Basketball has become a main priority in my life because I take pride in my team’s performance.

I believe that the success of Mountain Sports is just one example of how our community unifies for a particular purpose. When people move away, they often return to watch their favorite team play the big game. Many times, I have heard my father speak of looking forward to his class reunion to reunite with his previous teammates. The development of positive characteristics, community involvement, and experiences through personal involvement is why I believe that mountain sports are truly the ties that bind.

(The above articles from the 1995-1996 Letcher County Community Press.)

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