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Highlights of Fleming-Neon H.S.



First big band trip

The band made its first big trip of the year when it ventured to Morehead Saturday. The bus was supposed to have left at 5 a.m. but because of the difficulty in the handling of instruments and the tardiness of three members it left about 6 a.m.

The band arrived in Morehead at 10:15. They were late for the mass-band practice. So, they rushed into the Music Department and changed into uniforms and rushed onto the field.

In all there were 23 bands, including the Morehead State College Band.

After the mass rehearsal each band was given a number, and we marched in order to the new and marvelous Student Union Building where the Cafeteria is located. There we ate a good lunch that was paid for by the college.

After lunch we had 20 minutes to see the campus.

At exactly 12:05, we were lined up and ready for a big parade through town, but it was canceled because of the lack of time.

Instead of parading through town, we entered the football stadium were each Band was introduced individually, and was given the chance to play a march as they paraded up the field.

After all 23 bands were in position, they played the Star-Spangled Banner under the direction of Morehead Director Mr. F.G. Marzan.

Then the fun began as every band was trying to get a chance to play, and if you played you had to stay ready for minutes.

The half- time finally rolled around and the 22 high school bands rushed into formation which spelled out MUSIC in large capital letters. In this formation the band played the Morehead State Alma Mater, Officer of the Day, and Ringling Brothers’ Grand Entry and then they rushed off the field, and the game started once again.

The Fleming-Neon band left after the half-time and started through the ordeal of changing clothing and loading the instrument and uniform trucks.

Then we left the college campus and drove to a restaurant outside Morehead where we received excellent service.

After eating, we started the long and tiresome ride home. We arrived back in Neon about 11 o’clock.

When we got to school Monday, we learned that there were many compliments bestowed upon our band. One of the most inspiring was when Mr. Welch was told that the baritones played by Jimmy Kincer and Gary Underwood, sounded like French Horns. This is the highest compliment bestowed upon any baritone player.

The majorettes did their same remarkable job which pleased everyone. The band also lived up to its name by performing to the best of its ability.

While we were in Morehead, we were lucky to buy a wonderful tuba which will improve the sound of our concert band marvelously.

We, the members of the band, thank the American Legion for providing us with funds to buy this wonderful instrument.

Homecoming Parade

Our Homecoming Parade was Saturday, Oct. 12 at 2:30. The fire truck was first in the parade, next came the Pikeville Band; then came the Homemakers’ Float with Janet Young, our previous Homecoming Queen; this was followed by a black convertible with three of our Homecoming candidates, these were Rena Chaney, Nova Nell Leemaster, and Linda McGuffey. After the black convertible came the Whitesburg Band, followed by the Journalism Float with Judy Simms, our Journalism Queen; next came a white convertible with four of our candidates, these were: Sue Cook, Sharon Craft, Yvonne Bentley, and Norma Spence; the white convertible was followed by a red convertible with four more candidates, these were: Jane Ann Quillen, Carol Hope Bentley, Irene Johnson and Ernestine Wright; the band float was next followed by our own band and last in the parade was the freshman float.

The Parade began at Dann’s Garage and went through town to the Kinco Station and turned, coming back through town. The Whitesburg Band stopped at the red light and performed for the spectators.

The parade made a right turn at the red light and went back to the band building.

The parade was a very colorful event. It was a huge success and everyone enjoyed it very much.

Homecoming Queen

The beautiful candidates for Homecoming Queen were selected from each homeroom and voted upon by the football team.

The nominees were as follows: Senior – Earnestine Wright, Sue Cook and Carol Hope Bentley; Juniors – Irene Johnson, Norma Spence and Yvonne Bentley; Sophomores – Nova Nell Leemaster, Jane Ann Quillen and Linda McGuffy; Freshman – Rena Chaney and Sharon Craft.

All the girls were beautiful and well deserved of the crown, but the title of Homecoming Queen went to lovely Yvonne Bentley.

Floats in the

Homecoming Parade

Due to the hustle and bustle of preparing for “old grads”, we had little time for staging a large parade. Nevertheless, several rushed and hard-working groups got together and built four beautiful floats.

The Homemakers entered a float made of blue and white crepe paper and gold stars. Last year’s Homecoming Queen, Jane Young, sat on this float.

The Journalism float was made of rose-colored paper flowers and the attractive Journalism Queen was Miss Judy Sims.

The freshman float was purple and gold. Little boys in uniforms and carrying footballs rode on it.

We feel that the credit for the tremendous success of the Homecoming Celebration goes to students, teachers, band boosters, and all those who helped in any way.

The Whitesburg and Pikeville High School should be commended on the excellent behavior of their band students while they were visiting us.

We wish to thank the Homemakers Club for the float they entered in our parade.

Last but far from least, we are proud of our band and football team for their wonderful sportsmanship. Fleming downs Lynch 12-6

The Fleming-Neon Pirates journeyed to Lynch to play a hard fought, nonconference game.

Fleming’s first touchdown came as a result of a 53-yard pass play from G. Bentley to D. Tackett in the first quarter. Fleming scored again before half-time after runs by Quillen, Hall, and Hill. Hall went over for the touchdown, and Fleming led 12-0 at the half.

On the first play in the second half “Red” Hill reinjured a pulled muscle in the rib section and left for the remainder of the game. It didn’t look like the same team, when “Red” left. Lynch came back with fire and drove really hard for their touchdown late in the fourth quarter. Time ran out or Lynch may have scored again.

Although Fleming won the game, they suffered a great loss when “Red” Hill was injured.

(The above articles from the December 1957 “Fleming Hi Times” school newspaper.)

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