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Highlights of Fleming-Neon H.S.




We are happy to welcome Mr. Roy T. Reasor as principal this year.

Mr. Reasor was born in Keokee, Va. He attended grade school at Fleming and Haymond, Ky. and graduated from Fleming-Neon High School. He received his B.S. Degree from Bowling Green College of Commerce, and his M.A. Degree from Eastern Ky. State College.

Mr. Reasor is married to Margaret Hall and they have two lovely children, Roy Tye, who is 4½, and Katherine Ann, 10 months.

Mr. Reasor is now residing in Fleming. His favorite likes are to see boys and girls behave themselves like ladies and gentlemen. He likes the school just fine and thinks they are behaving wonderfully this year.

Mr. Reasor’s ambition is to see Fleming-Neon as one of the best schools in the state.

Miss Martha Jane Potter is the principal of Fleming- Neon Grade School. She is a graduate of Eastern College at Richmond. She majored in Education and minored in Social Science. She was Superintendent of the Letcher County Schools for eight years and was Supervisor for four years. She has taught at Potters Fork, Seco, Millstone, and Kona. Her favorite hobby is crocheting, but she likes teaching school better than anything because in this way she becomes so well acquainted with the students. She likes her position this year very much and says there is really nothing about it to dislike.



This year at F.N. we have a large number of new faculty members, as well as a few who were here last year. We welcome them all. We hope they enjoy teaching at our school.

Mr. Jack Hall graduated from Fleming-Neon High School. He then went to college in Wyoming, where he graduated last August 15. His favorite things include all sports. But football is his favorite. He likes everything. His dislikes are nothing. He was assistant coach last year. He teaches Math and Health. He believes Fleming Pirates will go a long way this year if they work hard.

A new teacher on the hill this year, Mr. Louie Martin, is never seen without his bright smile.

Mr. Martin was born in Letcher County where he attended Stuart Robinson High School, Caney Junior College, and Morehead State College for two years. He has an A.B. degree in Social Science, and one semester of graduate work.

His favorite foods are country foods. His dislikes are noisy classrooms.

He is not married. He is a senior sponsor and has been teaching only one year. He teaches American History.

Mrs. Ruby Adams is a newcomer to the staff of teachers in Fleming- Neon. She teaches freshman, sophomore, and junior English classes.

Last year Mrs. Adams taught English in the grade school. She attended Wise Grade and High School in Wise, Va. She is a graduate of Pikeville College and Morehead State College and has been teaching school for ten years.

Mrs. Adams loves stock car races and spaghetti and meatballs, but she hates dirty dishes.

Mrs. Lillian Russell Fugate Webb was born in Mayking. She attended Whitesburg High School and graduated in 1931. Later she attended Milligan College in Richmond where she graduated in 1939.

Mrs. Webb teaches English II, III, and IV.

She is married to Gilley Webb, owner of a local grocery. They have three children, Minnie Catherine, a sophomore in college; Alberta, a sophomore at Fleming-Neon High School and 8-month-old Gilley, Jr.

Her favorite sport is swimming. She loves English, is interested in reading, and dislikes liver, smart alecky boys and girls and alarm clocks.

Mr. Dick Craft went to school at the University of Kentucky where he studied for a period of time. Then he started to school at the Lee’s College at Jackson. His likes are everything. His dislikes are nothing. He taught school at Fleming last year. He is a resident of Neon where he has lived for a period of some time.

Miss Lela Pigmon is another new teacher on the hill this year. She teaches math, civics and general business.

She is a graduate of Whitesburg High School and attended Union College.

Miss Pigmon’s hobbies are sports and swimming, and so far she likes teaching at Fleming-Neon fine. Her dislikes are noise and the color red.

We are very glad to have Mr. Rex Chaney from Hindman as a member of our faculty this year. He and his family moved to this community recently. He attended Breathitt County High School and Morehead State Teachers College, graduating in 1957. He is 23 years old and likes sports, good food, horseback riding, and Joyce Brown.

He dislikes noisy students and ball players breaking training.

We would like to welcome Mrs. Barbara Baker as one of our new teachers this year. She attended high school at Paintsville and college at the University of Kentucky. She graduated in 1957, this is her first year to teach.

Her hobbies are dancing, reading, and traveling. She seems to like Boston baked beans in molasses. We want to welcome you, Mrs. Baker, to our school!

Mrs. Elizabeth Lee Potter Jordan is the new Home Economics teacher at Fleming Neon. She is the wife of Mr. Bill Jordan, formerly of Jenkins. Both Mr. and Mrs. Jordan attended the University of Kentucky, where Mrs. Jordan majored in Home Economics and Mr. Jordan in Law. Mrs. Jordan enjoys sewing and playing the piano and Mr. Jordan likes sports, especially hunting and fishing. Mrs. Jordan graduated from Fleming- Neon and Mr. Jordan from Jenkins.

William Clifton Banks, age 34, attended school in Whitesburg. He went to Pikeville College in 1945-46, and Morehead State Teachers College from 1949-1950.

His wife’s name is Gladys and they have a daughter, Anna Raye.

Mr. Banks teaches Typing I and II, which he enjoys very much. His favorite sport is fishing and he dislikes nothing.

Mr. Robert Welch teaches Journalism, chorus, and band. He is one of the freshmen sponsors. Mr. Welch lives at Jenkins. This is his first year of teaching at Fleming Neon.

Miss Madge Kincer is the secretary at Fleming. This is her first year as secretary. She loves her job and everyone seems to like her as well. She is a graduate of Whitesburg High School and worked for Elkhorn Coal Company. Football is her favorite sport.

Mrs. Polly is one of the new teachers on the hill this year. She teaches English and Civics. Mrs. Polly taught at Hemphill Grade School last year. This year makes her second year of teaching.

Mrs. Polly married Keith Polly on Sept. 1, 1956.

She loves to cook and read, but she hates a dirty house.

(The above article from the Dec.1957 Fleming Hi Times.)

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