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Highlights of Fleming-Neon H.S.




Hall of Fame

Mr. Ralph Adams was chosen by his fellow classmates as Sophomore Boy. Ralph is the sixteen-yearold son of Mr. and Mrs. Junior Adams of Neon. He enjoys playing football and listening to rock & roll music. He dislikes a policeman who make you nervous while you’re taking a driver’s test.

Ralph played on our Pirate football team this year. He is a member of the Lettermen’s Club. He plans to attend college when he graduates and be an electronic engineer or a teacher.

Ralph has a philosophy of life, which is, “If at first you don’t succeed, try again. If again you don’t succeed, step aside and let somebody else try.”

Sophomore Girl

There was a tie between Connie Taylor and Belinda Bentley. We’ve decided to give the honor to both of them.

Miss Connie Taylor is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Taylor. She is sixteen years old. Her likes are football games, movies, and hotdogs. Her dislikes are pop quizzes and homework. Connie’s hobby is reading. She belongs to the Bible Club of which she is the secretary and treasurer. Her ambition is to marry a millionaire and have 15 children. Her future plans are to become a nurse. She is undecided on what school to attend for her training.



Miss Belinda Bentley is the 15-year-old daughter of Mrs. Dorothy Bentley. Her likes are basketball, pizza, and Carl. She dislikes homework and semester test. Belinda’s hobby is dancing. She belongs to the Speech and Drama Club.

Belinda was chosen as Freshman Girl last year. Her ambition is to become the first woman president. Her future plans are to graduate and become a beautician.

Club news for December

Future Teachers of America — Each Monday afternoon a man from W.N.K.Y. radio station comes to the school to interview the news staff that consists of Iris Reynolds, Mary Jane Lively, and Connie Meade about the news happenings at school. The broadcast can be heard on W.N.K.Y. at 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday. An effort is being made to give each F.T.A. member some practice in teaching. This is the primary purpose of the club. The club is still working hard on the paper. This is the third edition. Pins have been ordered for all the new members who desire them.



The Bible Club was in charge of the Thanksgiving program, November 22. It started out with a song by Reverend Robert Maddox of the First Church of God. Next was the reading of the Scriptures, which was Psalm 100. Then the Chorus and the Bible Club sang We Gather Together. Reverend Maddox’s sermon came next. It was on being thankful. The next song was sung by the chorus, Bible Club, and students. It was Count Your Blessings. The program ended with a prayer by Reverend Maddox.

The Future Homemakers Club had a Christmas Party, December 8. They are planning to sell chances on a fruitcake.

The Photographers Club is sponsoring a contest for the best picture. Any student wishing to enter must give their picture and 25 cents to Mr. Waddell by Jan. 16. Pictures will become the property of the Photographers Club. Pictures will be judged on quality, subject matter, and neatness.

Connie Meade crowned basketball queen

Friday night at the gym, a new basketball queen was crowned. The lucky girl, Miss Connie Meade, a senior, was crowned at halftime during the Fleming vs. Buckhorn game. The candidates were selected by the A team in basketball. The basketball queen of 1967, Sina Yonts, led the other candidates on the floor. Everything about the ceremony was very beautiful and we’d like to congratulate Mrs. Collins on the fine job.

The new queen, Connie Meade, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Meade of Millstone. She is seventeen years old. Her likes are chewing gum, fun and Bobby in the reverse order. Her dislikes are homework, housework, and just work in general. Her future plans are to attend Morehead State University in the fall.

Joyce Baker is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Baker of Neon. Her likes are Cecil and pizza. Her dislikes are homework and spinach. Her future plans are to get married. She is 17 years old.

Doris Johnson is the daughter of Mrs. Marie Johnson of Fleming. She is sixteen years old. Her likes are dancing, boys, pizza, and Santa Claus. Her dislikes are unfriendly people, homework, and a Christmas that’s not white. Her future plans are to attend college.

Sandra Harris is the fifteen year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Harris of Fleming. Her likes are dancing, and white Christmases. Her dislikes are homework and unsocialable people. Her future plans are to attend a business school.

Rhonda Reynolds is the fifteen-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Reynolds of Millstone. Her likes are sports, cheerleading and food. Her dislikes are homework, people without school spirit, and grouchy teachers. Her hobbies are dancing and swimming. Her future plans are to attend college and become an interior decorator.

Brenda Bentley is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Bentley of Neon. She is fourteen years old. Her likes are Al, pizza, and twirling. Her dislikes are unfriendly people and homework. Her future plans are to attend Eastern Kentucky University.

Faye King is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jake King. She is fifteen years old. Her likes are Charlie, steak, and pizza. Her dislikes are stuck-up people and homework. Her future plans are to go to a business school.

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