Whitesburg KY

Highlights of Fleming-Neon H.S.




Cheerleaders lead the Alma Mater

On the hill stands Fleming High School ‘neath the sky so blue, may she ever stand so proudly glorious to view! Hail to thee our Alma Mater thy ideals uphold, E’re be true and loyal lovers of the purple and gold. Fleming, we will always honor and thy name adore, Dearest school in all the Southland, Fleming forever more.


A friendly face will always be known to every student that attends FNHS is that of Mr. Raymond Isaac. Because of his earnest and sincere interest in our school, our students, our faculty, we, therefore, dedicate the 1968 BUCCANEER to Raymond Isaac.

(The above article from the 1968 Buccaneer Yearbook.)



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