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Highlights of Fleming-Neon H.S.




Seniors present play

The seniors are presenting their play, “Sonny Jane” March 7, afternoon and evening, admission will be 25 and 40 cents. The characters are:

1. Sonny Jane (a young newspaper woman) by Martha Howard.

2. Mrs. Peggy Foster (middle-aged lady who runs a boarding house) by Mildred Bayes.

3. Pansy Prosser (a slow poke-easy hired girl) by Lela Holbrook.

4. Mrs. Amelia Spitzendorf (a middle-aged German woman, three times married and willing to try again) by Grace Hall.

5. Lucille Brander ( young, pretty neighbor of Mrs. Foster and a friend of Sonny Jane) by Ida Mae Welch.

6. Ruby Wade (another newspaper woman who tries to run Sonny Jane out of business) by Louise Crase.

7. Nancy Wade (Ruby Wade’s husband’s cousin) by Josephine Howard.

8. Charlie Mitchell (a young businessman, owner of several grainaries) by Jack Burkich.

9. Joe Martin (a young hired man, who has hopes of becoming metropolitan) by Hansford Wright.

10. Sam Streck (a middle ages, fat, baldheaded man) by Holland Hall.

11. Larry Randolph (a regular talkie) by Hargis Sisk.

12. Freddie Beadle (sheik of Orchard Center) by Kenneth Bayes.

The seniors recently presented 125 songbooks to the school in addition to the venetian blinds.

The library has been remodeled, they have spent $250 for shelves, $200 for books, and $50 for supplies.

The improvements on the library and study hall have made them a very pleasant place in which to study.

Sports News by Grace Hall and Jack Burkich

The first exciting football game of the season was that of Fleming vs. Whitesburg.

It was a fair and square fight to the finish.

Fleming came out victorious in the end, with a score of 7 to 0. Fleming’s line-up was: R.E.-Henry E. Wright; R.T.-Jack Burkich; D.G.-Elmer Trinlle; C.-Hargis Sisk; L.G.-Elmer Meade; L.T.-Jack Strunk; L.E.-Edward Perry; R.H.- Homer Kuhl; L.H.-Don Richardson; F.B.-General H. Hall; Q.B.-Elbert “Cue Ball” Richardson.

There were also two substitutes entered, they were: Hargis Houston and Clifford Potter.

Fleming’s new captain this year is Elbert Richardson. The most yardage gained during the game was by Homer Kuhl of Fleming.

Both teams were in fairly good shape after being coached these past weeks by Holbrook and Enlow of Fleming and Jody Adams of Whitesburg. These swell coaches with the cooperation of the boys on the Fleming team, the cheering squad led on their capable leaders, Helen Tucker and Grace Hall, all added to victory for Fleming in the end.

Elections held

Officers and sponsors of various clubs and Junior and Senior Classes have been chosen as follows: Senior Class: Sponsor- Mrs. W.B. Hall; President- Hansford Wright, Vice President-Mildred Bayes, Secretary-Louise Crase, Treasurer-Ida Mae Welch, School Reporters-Grace Hall, Jack Burkich.

Junior Class: Sponsor- Miss Lutie Adams; President B.F. Kincer, Vice President Gaynell McKinney, Secretary-Reeda Reasor.

Pep Club: Sponsors-Mr. Walter Enlow and Jason Holbrook; President-Grace Hall, Secretary-June D. Bentley.

Advertising Committee: Lila Lee Haddix, Jo Nell Board, Dan Blair, Jean Franklin, Fern Taylor, Laucreasy Justice, Addiah Davidson, Homer Kuhl, Cleo Hall, Delores Elliot, Juanita Kincer.

Cheerleaders: Mora Carroll, Delores Elliot, Grace Hall, Colleen Elliot, Helen Tucker.

Other Clubs and Sponsors: Library Club-Mrs. Lillian Webb; Girl Reserve- Mrs. D.L. Floyd; Boys’ Hi- Yi-Rev. Isaacs; Paper Club- Miss Lucille Halt ; Study Club-Mr. W.B. Hall.

P.T.A. meets

The Fleming P.T.A. met Tuesday night of last week at the grade school building with Mrs. Chilton Hazelett, presiding. Plans were discussed for the Hallowe’en Carnival at the high school building, Friday night, Oct. 29. The P.T.A. is sponsoring the carnival and the teachers and parents are looking forward to a success so please come to the carnival Friday night and let’s have fun with our children.

(The above articles from the Fleming High Yearbook and Mountain Eagles)

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