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Highlights of Fleming-Neon H.S.




Senior play

“Hobgoblin House,” a three-act mystery-comedy given by the senior class May 11, was a rousing success. Mary Lou Adams and Dan Blair were really good in their roles. Aunt Priscilla, played by Norma Mullins, was a good part and Norma did it justice. Lester Craft really succeeded in finishing scaring everyone to death. The part of Darius Krupp suited him to a “T”.

All the other characters were really good and the play was enjoyed by everyone. According to the opinion of most everyone, “Hobgoblin House” is one of the best plays ever to be presented in Fleming High School.

The characters are: Darius Krupp, Old Caretaker of Hobgoblin House-Lester Craft; Miss Priscilla Carter, Present Owner-Norma Mullins; Marian Carter, Her Niece-Joyce Akers; Jill Carter, Marian’s Younger Sister-Violet Akers; Frank Harlow, Marian’s Fiancé- Leroy Fulton; Jack Loring, Jill’s Fiancé-Bobby Burkich; Susan Perkins, The Henglish Housekeeper-Carlene Trent; Henry Goober, The Gardener-Dan Blair; Delilah Worts, The Cook-Mary Lou Adams; Bluebeard Bronson, An Escaped Maniac- Conley Webb; Bill Wilkins, His Keeper-Charles Hughes; Patricia Arnold, A Young Girl, Peggy Catron.

Alma Mater

On the hill stands Fleming High School ‘Neath fair skies of blue, May she ever stand so proudly glorious to view.

Fleming we will always honor, and thy name adore, dearest school in all the southland, Fleming forever more.

Chorus: Hail to thee, our Alma Mater, thy ideals uphold, ever be true and loyal lovers, of the purple and gold.

News briefs

The people of this community were honored, May 6, when Tom Cutshaw gave a concert at the Fleming High School Auditorium. It was a shame that more people didn’t turn out to it. That just goes to show that people don’t appreciate the finer things of life.

We were glad to have another visit from Miss Sproul who brought some good singers and a good speaker with her.

The seniors were very glad to be able to get Rev. H George to preach their Baccalaureate Sermon. Preacher George taught a lot of the graduating class. He taught the seventh grade and the next year he taught the Hemphill eighth grade.

The Science Club dance went over with a bang. It was surprising to see so many students out on the floor dancing.

The school regretted very much that they couldn’t have a football and basketball banquet this year, but they were sure that the boys would appreciate a good feed just as much. I think most of the boys gained about ten pounds. Keep feeding us like that and Fleming will have a big football team next year.

(The above article from the May 1948 Fleming Hi Times School Newspaper)

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