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Highlights of Fleming-Neon Hi




Now that the end of school is nearing, everybody at Fleming-Neon High School seems to be rushrush rushing. The senior class is selling seeds, and the deadline for their seed sale is Friday, April 6. Rush in, gardeners! They have some real bargains.

The seniors are getting more and more excited as the time for their trip draws nearer. “What are you going to take?” seems to be their slogan, with their sponsors stressing “Comfortable shoes! You’ll be walking.” Seniors leave on April 29 for a week in Washington and New York.

The loud cries and weird sounds echoing up and down the halls are simply evidence that the juniors are hard at work on their class play, “Lights Out”. This will be given in the auditorium on April 20, at 8 o’clock. Admission: Adults 50 cents; students, 25 cents.

Although no broken arms have been seen yet, some are expected any day now. The arms of the juniors are surely going to break under the weight of those beautiful class rings. Fleming-Neon had finally adopted a standard ring. The sides of the ring are engraved with the Kentucky Seal of State on one side and the Pirate emblem on the other. The top is a stone on gold crest with the name of the school spelled out around it. They may be purchased in antique or bright gold finish and are certainly stunning.



Members of the chorus from Jenkins and from Whitesburg have been visiting our school for the purpose of practicing for the All-Festival Chorus. Of course, not all the girls can win, but it is nice to see so many showing interests.

The Speech Class is working on two plays, one three-act and one one-act. Dates of production will be announced later. They are also making preparations for participation in the School Achievement Day, April 17.

On Friday, March 30, the 8th Grade sponsored a Sock- Hop in the grade school auditorium. Money raised is to be used in purchasing art supplies for Miss Gibson’s Art Classes. High school boys could take a tip from the small-fry “Beau Brummels,” who attended.

The Conservation Club planted two wildlife plots, Saturday, March 31. They planted multi-flora roses for protection and lespedeza for the birds and small animals. Rifle practice was held after the planting was done. Mr. Bill Dingus is certainly taking a keen interest in his boys and they are doing wonderful work.

Fleming-Neon has lost another of it teachers, Mrs. Loretta McKenzie Ward. She has resigned in order to join her husband. Mrs. Helen Richards is teaching in her place.

(The above article from the April 5, 1956 Mountain Eagle.)

Senior Alphabet-Part 2

U-Useless, Mary Anderson and Thomas Waddell; V-Vivacious, Carol Richardson and Bert Potter; WWilling, Glenna Cornett and James Hall; X-Xenia, Ruby White and Claude Wright; Y-Youthful, Khaki Webb and Richard Sergent; Z-Zealous, Audrey Cook.

Famous lovers

Jupiter and June, Leon S. and Edith; Tracy and Tess, J.P.G. and Sue W.; B.O. Plenty and Gravel Gertie, Acie Hall and Donna Stricklin; Ike and Mamie, Bobby Cook and Lillie; Ma and Pa Kettle, J.W.V. and Mary; Lucy and Desi, Betty and Ernest; Don Juan, Junior Hunter; Rudolph Valentino, Larry Jones; Irma and Al, Lavone E. and Richard L.; Eddie and Debbie, Carol and Ralph.

Song dedications

John Bentley to Janice Spears, Most of All; Nancy Warf to Donnie Manning, Sand and the Sea; Derrilene Short to Joe Ray Day, Love is a Many Splendored Thing; Betty Nelson to James Gray, I Hate to Lose You; Roger Elkins to Patricia Clifton, I Need You Now; Shelby Webb to Bruce Mullins, Who Knows I Love You; Richard Sergent to Georgia Hall, Because Of You; Nadine Holland to Charles Music, Don’t Stay Away Too Long; Joyce Compton to Bassil Sexton, My Baby’s Got Such Lovin’ Ways; Donnie Mason to Lois Holland, I’ll Be True to You; Janice Bentley to Dwight Baker, My Happiness Forever; Roy Isaac to Jewel Logan, Partners for Life; Bobby Cook to Lillie Warrick, Pledging My Love; Geraldine Wright to James A. Meade, Strangers in Paradise; Jimmy Bentley to Mary Lee Phillips, Wanted; Adrienne Jackson to Kenneth Holbrook, Anyone Can Fall in Love; Donnie Browning to Janet Young, All At Once You Love Her; Glenn Webb to Mattie Tolliver, You Belong to Me; Sally Bentley to James Mullins, Large, Large House; Patsy Harrah to Jimmy Spence, Shrimp Boats; Joan Strange to Bobby Stambaugh, No Other Love; Faye to Darrell Caudill, Just Another Dancing Partner; Lavonne Elkins to Richard Lewis, You Are My Love; Shirley Jo Johnson to Bill Reed Smith, Play it Fair; Sue Stapleton to Jimmy Jones, Come on to my House.

( The above from the 1955-56 Fleming-Neon Hi Times Newspaper.)

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