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1968 Football Homecoming Queen candidates

Elaine Combs is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Brack Combs. Elaine is 17 years old. Her likes are boys and friendly people. Her dislikes are snobbish people. Her plans are to go to New York and work.

Iris Reynolds is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Reynolds. Iris is 17 years old. Her likes are boys, donuts, and fun. Her dislikes are the Beatles and overconfident people. She plans to go to Morehead and major in mathematics and marriage.

Sherry Wright is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wright of Neon. Sherry is 16 years old. Her likes are vacations, swimming, and food. She has only two dislikes which are cheese and homework.

Joyce Baker is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Baker. She is 16 years old and she has no dislikes. Her likes are dancing, sports, and a special boy.

Starla Fleming is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Fleming. She is 15 years old. Her likes are boys, cakes, and nice teachers. Her dislikes are unfriendly people.



Patricia Hall is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albrow Hall. Her likes are good food, biology, television, and potato chips.

Brenda Bentley is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Bentley. Her like is twirling.

Theresa Stamper is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Stamper. She is 15 years old. Her likes are food, boys, and especially Johnny. Her dislikes are unfriendly people.

October 14, 1967 was a welcomed day for eight lovely Homecoming Queen candidates of Fleming- Neon High School. Popular vote of the student body decided the girl who would reign as Homecoming Queen in 1967-68. The results were heard at halftime of the Fleming-Hazard football game.

Saturday at 2 p.m. the Homecoming Parade began. The band led the parade with the queen and her court following in convertibles. Each candidate wore white, floor-length gowns and carried a bouquet of yellow mums. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the sky formed a perfect background.

After the parade a tea was given for the candidates and the drivers of the convertibles. The flowers of the Queen and the candidates were used as centerpieces.

Saturday night during halftime, the ceremony was performed. As the Queen and the candidates rode around the field, the band played “Born Free” and the crowd was deafening with applause and voiced opinions. The representatives of each class and their escorts were as follows: Seniors: Elaine Combs, Dennis Brown; Iris Reynolds, Morgan Reynolds; Juniors: Joyce Baker, Terry Anderson; Sherry Wright, James Castle; Sophomores: Starla Fleming, Timothy Rash; Patricia Hall, Willie Johnson; Freshmen: Brenda Bentley, Alfred Stephens; Theresa Stamper, Rex Craft.

The band played “More” as the candidates and the escorts stepped from the cars and marched to their places on the field. Dotty Tackett Wright, Homecoming Queen of 1966-67, stood waiting on the platform to relinquish her crown to the new Queen. The name of each candidate and her escort were announced to the crowd by Mr. Wayne Bolling. After each candidate was introduced, they curtsied to the Queen and then to the crowd. A hushed expectant silence spread over the crowd as the next words would reveal the new Queen. “Ladies and Gentlemen, the Homecoming Queen for 1967-68 is . . . Miss Iris Reynolds.” The silence changed to applause as her escort led her to the platform where she bowed as James Breeding placed the crown on her head and Dotty gave her the Queen’s bouquet. Afterwards Iris stood on the platform while the band played the “Alma Mater”. The new Queen and her court marched off the field with the band playing “Good Night.”

Song dedications

Julia M. to Jerry C., “ You’re My Everything”. Sarah to Perry, “To Love Somebody”. Larry J. to Ella W., “It Takes Two”. Brenda B. to someone special, “Make Me Yours”. Peggy Q. to Bobby S., “The Boy I Love”. Doris J. to Don W., “Higher and Higher”. James C. to Sherry W., “Happy”. Glenn J. to Sharon P., “With This Ring”. Joyce Y. to Gary M., “Give Me a Little Sign”. Linda R. to someone special, “Nothing I Can Do, Nothing I Can Say”. Julia R. to Bob, “Brown-Eyed Girl”. Judy to Billy, “You’re My Everything”. Coach Anderson, “Leave Those Boys Alone”. Pat to Tony, “With This Ring”.

Our ideal boy

Hair, Chan Fleming; Eyes, Jimmy McAuley; Nose, Sherwin Rucker; Lips, Larry Jones; Masculine Figure, Ben Gibson; Complexion and Dimples, Tim Rash; Smile, Kris Bentley; Personality, Willie Johnson.

Our ideal girl: Complexion, Barbara Wilder; Personality, Shirley Bentley, Iris Reynolds; Smile, Terri Yonts; Appearance, Patricia Wright; Lips, Bonnie Warf; Legs, Starla Jackson; Nose, Belinda Bentley; Eyes, Joyce Brown; Figure, Joyce Kay Collier; Hair, Allenda Long.

(The above articles from the Fleming-Neon School newspapers and yearbooks.)

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