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Highlights of Fleming-Neon Hi




Senior Alphabet-Part 2

J-Joker, Nancy Warf and Harry Smith; K-Kindest, Martha Abdoo and J.B. Patrick; L-Likeable, Edith Quillen and Bobby Cook; MMarried, Janice Anderson Bailey and Shirley Anderson Adams; N-Noisy, Joyce Compton and Eddie Brown; O-Outstanding, Joyce Bentley and Lawrence Kuhl; PPeppy, Nadine Holland and Roy Isaac; Q-Quiet, Thelma Webb and David McCray; RReckless, Janice N. Bentley and Sammy Warf; S-Studious, Gwendelyn Baker and Cordell Baker; T-Talented, Sue Holbrook and James Elkins .

Famous lovers

Anthony and Cleopatra, Billy Polly and Nancy McK.; Jiggs and Maggie, Roy and Jewel; Blondie and Dagwood, Don Browning and Shirley Johnson; Nancy and Sluggo, Shelby W. and Bruce Mullins; Tarzan and Jane, Eugene B. and Glenna; Rowena and Ivanhoe, Fred N. and Pat H.; Samson and Delilah, Richard and Georgia; David and Bathsheba, Gary and Janice E. Napoleon; and Josephine, James P. and Alpha K.

Initials mean

Patricia Ann Collier, Pretty and Cute; Dora Mae Stevens, Doesn’t Mean Sweet ; Ruby Lou Webb, Real Love Waits; Nancy Alice Warf, Now at War; Audrey June Griffith, Always Jump Girl; Donald Paul Mason, Doesn’t Please Mother; David Ray Spence, Dog Ran Squirrel.

Song dedications

J.V. Quillen to Ruby Webb, See You Later Alligator; Junior Thomas to a certain senior girl, Teenage Prayer; Eleanor Burns to Bobby Bentley, Band of Gold; Sue Holbrook to Huey Anderson, Seven Days; Nancy McKinney to Darrell Stidham, No Not Much; Omer Champion to Betty Holbrook, All I Do is Dream of You; Students to Journalism Class, Slowpokes; Ruby White to F.C. Hammonds, Tutti-Frutti; Fred Northcutt to Patricia Hieman, Dungaroo Doll; J.V. Quillen to Peggy Rains, I’ll be Home; Marion Elkins to Ray Whitaker, Secret Love; Bobby Hileman to Jeanette Lewis, The Moment I Saw You; Polly Adams to Noah Bentley, Moments to Remember.

I Cover the Campus

Those wedding bells are really breaking up the old gangs. Some more newlyweds are Janice Anderson and Gary Bailey, Shirley Anderson and Alfred Adams

. . . Nancy Warf and Donnie Manning are back together. We wondered why she looked so happy . . Some couples that are off the “Steady List” now are Janet Young and Ronald Polly, Wanda Bostain and Can Bentley.

Hazel Quillen is still wearing Harry Smith’s class ring. I doubt if anyone else will ever have a chance now . . . Carol James seems to be popular nowadays, especially with a certain freshman, a team basketball player. Did you have fun, Carol? It seems that Sonja Haxes’s record with Carters Little Pills has run out. She has settled down with one boyfriend, Delmer Cook . . . Can Bentley, Rusty Combs and Sharon Riddle just can’t decide who should wear his silver football. Good luck to both of you. Notice: Parky Kincer and Tyrone Bentley were sippin’ a soda at Tuckers’ the other night . . . Marlene Robbins and James Elkins are seen together quite often. We predict that Miss Holbrook will win Mr. E. Banks! “V” for victory, Miss Holbrook . . . Will Patsy Collier forget the boy at the other end of Kentucky and give someone else a chance? Shelby Webb likes tall, dark, and handsome boys. Wonder why she is always getting the boys’ names confused with “Bruce”? Who is calling Derrilene Short three times a night, we may add it is a masculine voice, too . . . Ruby White seems to like Whitesburg boys, doesn’t she?

(The above articles from the 1956 Fleming-Neon Hi Times newspaper.)

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