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Highlights of Fleming-Neon Hi




Boy and girl of the year

Glenna Elizabeth (Judy) Brown was selected by her classmates as the Girl of the Year. Judy has been very active in school activities throughout her high school years. In her senior year she has been selected girl of the month and was voted Most Friendly by the entire student body. Judy is the 18-year-old daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Brown of Fleming. Judy likes friendly people and good times. Her dislikes are unfriendly people and rainy days.

After high school, she plans to work for the FBI in Washington, D.C. Congratualtions, Judy, and good luck in the years to come.

Donnald Ray Addington has been selected as the Boy of the Year by his classmates. He was the Salutatorian of the senior class at the graduation. He was voted most studious boy in the senior class for the yearbook. Donald is the son of Mrs. James Addington of Cromona. His likes include sports, especially basketball, and friendly people. His dislikes are unfriendly people and grouchy teachers. After high school, Donald plans to attend college and major in Business Administraition. He then plans to go into politics. His personal ambition is to become a United States Senator. Congratulations, Donald, and may all your plans work out.

Ideal girl

Smile – Starla Jackson; Teeth – Terri Yonts; Figure – Sarah Johnson; Legs – Kaye Collier; Personality – Lavada Fulton; Nose – Bonnie Warf; Lips – Judy Brown; Complexion – Bar- bara Wilder; Neatness – Belinda Carol Bentley; Hair – Brenda Johnson; Eyes – Joyce Brewer.

Ideal boy

Eyes – Ernest Napier; Hair – Dinky Nelson; Masculine figure – Morgan Reynolds; Personality – Don Addington; Nose – Elmer Pike; Lips – Glennis Holbrook; Complexion – Willie Johnson; Neatness – Gary Neal Bentley; Smiles and Dimples – Tim Rash.

Senior trip news

Attention underclassmen girls. Don’t buy new shoes for your senior trip. Take it from us, it’s not wise.

Did you hear about Mighty Mouse being at the graduation? Ask the band members about it.

Does Tinker Bell really live in Washington, D.C.? Just ask Pat W., Judy T., Steve H., Ella W. and Judy B.

Why does Lillie Q. like ice cream so much? Especially since she came back from Washington!

What cute unknown boy danced with Pat W. on the boat ride? Well, Pat?

What was going on in room 614 every night? Really, girls.

Who got lost in the Pentagon?? Could it be Pat W. and Ella W.?

Is Willie J. really shy and quiet? Or has he got a few mean streaks? Tell us, Willie.

What two girls are in the horse and hay business? Could it be Debbie and Karen?

What happened, Dora? We thought horseshoes were good luck?

D.B. and K.S., where do you get your Coke money? We’ll never tell.

Do they have wax dummies that can really jump up and grab you? Peggy Q. seemed to be convinced that they do.

Song dedications

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me – Karen H. to Eddie T.; If I Were a Carpenter – Tim to Connie; Nothing Takes the Place of You – Karen to Sammy; All These Things – Dora to Paul; Hey Girl, My Girl – Gary to Mary Jane; Never My Love – Debbie to Johnny; Honey – Ben to Elanie, Jimbo to Margaret; Love is All Around – Terri to Donald, Pat to Jack; Kiss Me Goodbye – Kaye to Ronnie; I’ll Never Love Another – Gary to Rosaline; Bring it on Home – Marshall to Jan.

Mr. Fleming-Neon and

Miss Fleming-Neon

Mr. Willie Johnson: A friendly smile and a pleasing personality protrays “Mr. Fleming-Neon” of 1968.

He is an active member of the FTA and other school functions. He was selected by his fellow classmates as the most cooperative.

Miss Iris Reynolds: A warm, friendly smile and twinkling blue eyes protray “Miss Fleming-Neon” of 1968.

She is an active participant of the FTA and is a member of the “Pirate Eye”. She was elected Homecomming Queen and has received other honors.

(The above article from the “Pirate Eye” newspaper and the 1968 yearbook.)

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