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Juniors present play

The juniors of Fleming- Neon High School are featuring a three-act play, titled, “A Boy Named Beulah”. This play will be given at the high school auditorium. There will be three performances on the play. “A Boy Named Beulah” is a three-act farce. The play has a cast of 16, eight boys and eight girls. The stars are Corky Corcoran, who is a boy named Beulah, played by Frank Burchwell; Polly McBride, the cream in Corky’s coffee, played by Janet Young; Hank McBride, her 21-year-old brother played by Dewey Spears; Ted McBride, her 19-year-old brother, played by John Compton; “Scat” Katz, a young chemist who is fleeing from an Amazon is played by Melvin Potter; Mrs. DeForrest, a scheming stepmother played by Phyllis Hall; Ave Dushane, Hank’s heartbeat played by Sandy Skaggs; Nanelle Dushane, Ted’s ditto is played by Donna Rose Adkins; Clifford Goldstone, “Uncle Chilly,” a pompous banker played by Eddie Haddix; Grant Goldstone, his suave nephew, played by Jimmy Holt; Beulah Zubysko, a lady wrestler in pursuit of “Scat” is played by Judy Pass; Lady Castleton, Porky’s aunt from merry old England is played by Ann Warf; Bertie Castleton, her deceased husband’s nephew played by Oscar Fleming; Nora O’Cassidy, the grumpy Irish cook played by Mary Louise Holbrook; Marmalade Jackson, the maid who abhors Hans is played by Adrienne Jackson; the alleged spook of old Hiram Mansfield played by ?; Tongo the leopard man, played by Johnny Wise.

The director of the play is Mrs. Helen Richardson; assistant director is Mrs. Margaret Tolliver; stage managers are Melvin Potter and Jack Hunter.

Back fence gossip

It sure looks good to see Donna Rose and Charlie back together. Good luck, kids. Wonder why Sally wants to go by King’s Service Station all the time? Junior Hunter, who’s the girl you have been dating at Whitesburg? Could it be Rusty Combs? Seems as if Ann Q. has made up her mind. Dave H. is the lucky one. What’s all this weight we see on Parky’s left hand? Okay, it’s only Jack’s class ring. Don’t be blue Adrienne, Bronston will be home soon. We still see J. V. traveling the road to Jenkins to see Shirley. J.P. and Janice S. sure would make a cute couple. So why not get together, kids? Well, we still see Tommy and Sandy, as happy as ever.

Salt, sugar

Sugar to baseball boys for beating Whitesburg in first game of season. Salt to students who were so rude when parents came to teach. Sugar to Donna and Charlie for dating steady again. Salt to Mr. Miracle for quitting school. Sugar to Shirley Pike for getting married, and still coming back to school. Salt to Miss Tolliver for making her government class write a theme. Sugar to the seniors for having such a good play. Salt to Mrs. Miracle for making her second year typing class type stencils. Sugar to Mrs. Smith for coming back to teach. Salt to everyone who puts sugar in their coffee. Sugar to Parky and Jack Reed for dating steady. Salt to Bronston for not coming to see Adrienne. Sugar to Jerry for making Marlene so happy by coming home.

Song dedications

‘I’ll Be Loving You Always’ Roger to Patricia C. so just let me be near you. ‘Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall’ says Nickie to Donna because I can ‘Get Along Without You Now.’ ‘Church Bells May Ring,’ says Shirley to Dewayne, because for you I have ‘True Love.’ ‘I Think Now,’ says Betty D. to Jr. Thomas it was only a ‘Teenage Crush.’ ‘Why Baby Why?’ says Helen C. to Ken H. can’t you see that I’m crazy ‘With Love.’ ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ says Adrienne to Bronston. ‘I Don’t Get Around Much Anymore.’ ‘You Are The One’ says Mary Lou P. to Jimmy B. so ‘Stay By My Side.’ Betty Holbrook to girls of Fleming H.S. ‘He’s Mine’ (meaning Omer of course).

F.N.H.S. Geography

Volcanoes (capable of exploding), J.V. Quillen; Earthquakes (capable of shaking the world), Harry Johnson; Wind ( always blowing), Edsel Lewis; Rivers (always running) Charles Reynolds; Earth (supporting life), Tyrone Bentley; Oceans (always moving), Jack Hunter; Rain (always wet), Albert Perry; Sun (always bright), Derrielene Short ; Moon, (romantical), Jesse Carter; Stars (always sparkling), Jeannette Lewis; Plantets (ruling the earth), Charlie Creech; Snow ( slippery) Baldy Bentley; Seasons (always changing), Donnie Skaggs; Plants (always growing), Donnie Rains; Animals (always eating), J.W. Vanover.

This would surprise me

Mary Lois S., to see Tab Hunter. Mary Louise H., for the junior play not to turn out right. Peggy Rains, to see Tony Curtis. Joyce Nelson, to meet Elvis Presley. James Graham, to graduate from high school. Hedy Anne, to marry the man of my dreams. Shirley King, to see Elmond home from the Air Force. J.P. Graham, going steady!! Can Bentley, for someone to give me a new ’57 Cadillac. Harry Johnson, to see Donnie S. going steady. Johnny Mack H., to make an “A” in one of my classes. Alice Richardson, riding a roller, coaster on Conley Island. Rose Marie, not to laugh at something that is funny.

Bachelor’s corner

Our bachelor’s corner this week has had a great decrease in it. It seems that everybody has caught this disease called Romance Fever, which is a very easy disease to catch for one simple reason, “It is easy to fall prey to a beautiful woman,” and then you are like a fly caught in a spider web. When you get in the web you are like the little fly, you don’t get out.

Honorable members are Jack Hunter, Albert Perry, Billy Madison, Harry Johnson. New members, David Spence, Acie Hall, J.P. Graham, David Jones.

We have a few new members here who think they like being a bachelor, as a matter of fact, I know they will, that is if any of them don’t fall into one of those webs.

Flower garden

Bleeding Hearts, Don P. and Peggy. Budding, James Hall and Yvonne. Thriving, Can and Sharon. Blooming, Omer and Betty. Withered, Tyrone and Parky. Preserved Lilies, Bobby and Lillie. Cultivated, Tommy and Sandy. Sweet William’s arrangement, William and Peggy Sue. Faded, Kenneth and Adrienne. Blue Gardenias, Elmund and Shirley. Colorful, Donnie and Patsy. Spreading, Jerry and Marlene.

(The above article from the April 1957 Fleming- Neon Hi Times Newspaper.)

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