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Highlights of Fleming-Neon Hi




Fleming School gives entertainment

The Fleming Consolidated High School is presenting “See You Later,” a three-act musical comedy tonight and tomorrow night at the new high school auditorium, beginning at 8:15 p.m. This is a high class entertainment, and promises much fun to those who can attend.

(The above article from the April 5, 1928 Mountain Eagle.)

Fleming plays local boys in tennis contest

Members of the Whitesburg Tennis Club got ambitious for practice and journeyed to Fleming Tuesday night to encounter the stars of that tennis firmament. They did — and the results were disastrous.

Out of eight sets played, Whitesburg got one. Not one of the six players who went on the court escaped without a licking, “But ‘twas a glorious game from the opening bell, Good plays, bad plays, and thrills pellmell.”

The only trouble was that the good plays were too often on the wrong side for the Whitesburg boys.

The games were played on an artificially lighted court and under adverse conditions for the visitors, but they have no alibi to make. They came, they saw, and they were conquered.

The extent of the conquering may be ascertained by a glance at the scores.

Nix and Lyons, Fleming, vs. Frazier and Enlow, Whitesburg, first set, 6-4; second set, 6-3, third set, 6-4. Cartron and Reasor, Fleming, vs. Glenn and Hale, Whitesburg, first set 6-2; second set 6-3. Wilson and Justice, Fleming, vs. Lewis and Crawford, Whitesburg, 0-5. Nix and Lyons vs. Lewis and Crawford, 6-2. Catron and Reasor vs. Hale and Frazier, 6-1. Nix and Lyons vs. Enlow and Gleen, 5-0. Catron and Reasor vs. Lewis and Glenn, 6-3.

(The above article from the Sept. 15, 1927 Mountain Eagle.)

Alma Mater

On the hill stands Fleming High School ‘neath the sky so blue, may she ever stand so proudly glorious to view! Hail to thee our Alma Mater thy ideals uphold E’er be true and loyal lovers of the purple and gold. Fleming, we will always honor and thy name adore dearest school in all the Southland, Fleming forever more.

The juniors visit a school

Last Sunday the J.O.A.M. of Fleming, together with several members from Whitesburg, presented a flag and Bible to the Fleming school. They motored from Whitesburg with flags large and small floating to the breeze, and evoked comments from those unfa- miliar with the order. Their regalia of red, white and blue told who they were and the purpose of the order.

They marched up the hill at Neon to the new building and presented the Bible. Reverend Wesberry, in the opening speech, spoke at length of the word of God and what it meant to the school, and his desire that it be read in the school and its teachings carried out. Prof. Reed in behalf of the school and the Board of Trustees received the Bible.

Prof. H.H. Harris then told the cardinal principles of the Junior Order. He said the Order had long stood for limiting the immigration from foreign countries to worthy good people and opposed the coming of ignorant people and criminals that the order had long favored and helped to put into law the reading of the Bible in public schools, that it had for 20 years fostered and urged free textbooks for public school children, that the order stood for good citizenship.

Prof. Reed accepted the flag in behalf of the school, stating that it would be raised on Flag Day and other national days, and while he was teacher the flag should have its place of honor in the school.

(The above article from the June 21, 1928 Mountain Eagle.)

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