Whitesburg KY

Highlights of Fleming-Neon High




Fleming High School faculty

William Robert Jones, Principal. Graduate of Duke University and Morehead College. Under his guidance we see Fleming High School pushing forward for first place.

Lutie W. Adams. English and Public Speaking; graduate of Union College. Her pleasing personality has made her a lovable character and liked by all.

Vincent A. Vaughan. Civics and Physical Education; graduate of Georgetown College. He has been our coach for eight years and under his guidance the boys have learned that sportsmanship, teamwork and fairness always win.

Irene Harvath. English; graduate of Berea College. A charming personality and liked by all the students.

Carlice Breeding. Science and Biology; graduate of Morehead State Teachers College. A faithful worker and sponsor of the senior class, who has helped make it the best class.

Elmer Blair. Administration and Supervision; Graduate of Eastern State Teachers College. With his charming ways he has gained a success with all the pupils.

Andrew Holbrook. Geography and Geology; graduate of Eastern State Teachers College. He has made a success with the pupils and also his teaching.

William B. Hall. History and English; Graduate of Berea College. Although this is his first year with us, he has made a big “hit” with the students.

Walter Enlow. History; graduate of Georgetown College. His calm sincere personality makes the students his friend.

Morris B. Hogg. Mathematics; graduate of Eastern State College. Although this is his first year with us, he has won the hearts of all by a pleasing disposition and loyal spirit.

Lucille Hale. Librarian; graduate of the University of Kentucky. She is liked by all the students. She says little but knows more.

Hugh Adams. Music, English and History; graduate of Georgetown College. A loyal friend and stands high from every point of view.

Members of the senior class

Gaynell Hancock (President), Ruth Harvath (Vice- President), Anna Harvath (Secretary), Pearl Welch (Treasurer), Harding Dawahare ( Editor), Robert D. Preston (Art Editor), Darrel Sisk (Sports Editor), Lorena Addington, Ethel Anderson, Frances Fields, Julia Frazier, Virginia Mae Gambill, Mary Gillis, Gertrude Mattingly, Vera Mullins, Mildred Peterson, Annalene Spence, Ruby E. Simmons, Ruth Taylor, Percy Vance, Virginia Lee Webb, Pearl Welch, Edythe Wright, William Abdoo, Lloyd Gibson, Raymond Hall, Herschell Hudgins, Charles Jackson, Junior Kazee, J.L. Rowell, Lawrence Smith, Paul Wright, Fred Conley, Homer Conley, Crandall Miles.

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