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Highlights of Fleming-Neon High




Senior alphabet, Part 2

J: Joker: Nancy Warf and Harry Smith; K: Kindest, Martha Abdoo and J.B. Patrick; L: Likeable, Edith Quillen and Bobby Cook; M: Married, Janice Anderson Bailey and Shirley Anderson Adams; N: Noisy, Joyce Compton and Eddie Brown; O: Outstanding, Joyce Bentley and Lawrence Kuhl; P: Peppy, Nadine Holland and Roy Isaac; Q: Quiet, Thelma Webb and David McCray; R: Reckless, Janice N. Bentley and Sammy Warf; S: Studious, Gwendelyn Baker and Cordell Baker; T: Talented, Sue Holbrook and James Elkins.

Famous lovers: Anthony and Cleopatra: Billy Polly and Nancy McK., Jiggs and Maggie, Roy and Jewel; Blondie and Dagwood: Don Browning and Shirley Johnson; Nancy and Sluggo: Shelby W. and Bruce Mullins; Tarzan and Jane: Eugene B. and Glenna; Rowena and Ivanhoe: Fred N. and Pat H.; Samson and Delilah: Richard and Georgia; David and Bathsheba: Gary and Janice E. Napoleon and Josephine: James P. and Alpha K.

Initials mean

Patricia Ann Collier, Pretty and cute; Dora Mae Stevens, Doesn’t mean sweet; Ruby Lou Webb, Real love waits; Nancy Alice Warf, Now at war; Audrey June Griffith, Always jump girl; Donald Paul Mason, Doesn’t please mother; David Ray Spence, Dog ran squirrel.

Song dedications

J.V. Quillen to Ruby Webb: See You Later Alligator; Junior Thomas to a certain senior girl: Teenage Prayer; Eleanor Burns to Bobby Bentley: Band of Gold; Sue Holbrook to Huey Anderson: Seven Days; Nancy McKinney to Darrell Stidham: No Not Much; Omer Champion to Betty Holbrook: All I Do is Dream of You; Students to Journalism Class: Slow Pokes; Ruby White to F.C. Hammonds: Tutti-Frutti; Fred Northcutt to Patricia Hieman: Dungaroo Doll; J.V. Quillen to Peggy Rains: I’ll be Home; Marion Elkins to Ray Whitaker: Secret Love; Bobby Hileman to Jeanette Lewis: The Moment I Saw You; Polly Adams to Noah Bentley: Moments to Re- member.

I cover the campus

Those wedding bells are really breaking up the old gangs. Some more newlyweds are Janice Anderson and Gary Bailey, Shirley Anderson and Alfred Adams. Nancy Warf and Donnie Manning are back together. We wondered why she looked so happy. Some couples that are off the “Steady List” now are Janet Young and Ronald Polly, Wanda Bostain and Can Bentley. Hazel Quillen is still wearing Harry Smith’s class ring. I doubt if anyone else will ever have a chance now. Carol James seems to be popular now days, especially with a certain freshman, a team basketball player. Did you have fun, Carol? It seems that Sonja Haxes’s record with Carters Little Pills has run out. She has settled down with one boyfriend, Delmer Cook. Can Bentley, Rusty Combs and Sharon Riddle just can’t decide who should wear his silver football. Good luck to both of you.

Notice: Parky Kincer and Tyrone Bentley were sipping soda at Tuckers’ the other night. Marlene Robbins and James Elkins are seen together quite often. We predict that Miss Holbrook will win Mr. E. Banks!!! “V” for victory, Miss Holbrook. Will Patsy Collier forget the boy at the other end of Kentucky and give someone else a chance? Shelby Webb likes tall, dark, and handsome boys. Wonder why she is always getting the boys’ names confused with “Bruce?” Who is calling Derrilene Short three times a night, we may add it is a masculine voice, too. Ruby White seems to like Whitesburg boys, doesn’t she?

(The above articles from the 1956 Fleming-Neon Hi Times Newspaper.)

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