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Highlights of Fleming-Neon High




Outstanding sophomores for December

The members of the sophomore class selected the outstanding members of their class for this issue of the paper. The race for sophomore girl was so close that it was decided to include both. They are Penny Hill and Shirley Bentley. The boy is Billy “Willie” Johnson.

Penny Hill has recently been chosen by the faculty to be a “B “team cheerleader. She is presently president of the Science Club.

Her likes include potato chips, cakes, bowling, driving, cheerleading and lots of friends.

Her dislikes are few and two of them are pizza and unfriendly people.

Penny plans to attend the Spenserian Business School after she graduates from high school.

Shirley Bentley is a member of the Future Nurses Club. She attended the Honors Banquet last year.

We understand that she is determined to learn to drive and secure her license.



Shirley enjoys knitting. Her favorite food is spaghetti. Also, she has a love for poetry.

She attends the Church of Christ in Neon.

Billy “Willie” Johnson is president of the sophomore class and was on the honor roll during the last six weeks.

His real name is Willie Millard Johnson, but all his friends call him Billy. He is 15 years old and lives at Hemphill.

His favorite subjects are biology and math. His likes are cars, hunting, biology, friendly people, gingerbread and fried chicken.

His dislikes include unfriendly people, sarcastic teachers and a lot of homework.

Billy’s favorite colors are pink, yellow and blue. His hobbies are swimming and hunting.

Where will you spend Christmas?

Mr. Reasor is going to spend Christmas vacation as a substitute for Santa Claus. Look out, kids. Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Webb are going to work for Santa Claus since two of his elves are “out” for the season. Mr. Honeycutt is returning to his peanut farm for Christmas vacation. Has to make plans you know. Freddie Hall is going to spend his vacation running so you had better look out, Marie. Miss Griffith and Miss Mc- Intyre are going to vacation in Hawaii. Well, so much for hula dancers. Ronnie Sexton “just” might get a haircut during vacation if Mr. Evanoff can talk hard enough to him. Dennis N. is spending Christmas trying to grow sideburns. Danny C. is spending Christmas getting his “skins” back. Kenny Johnson is going to spend his Christmas thinking of Connie Meade.

Klassroom Klatter

Who is the freshman girl who is struck on Spud Brown? Could it be Anna Kaye? Who went to Appalachia over the Thanksgiving holidays to have her fortune told? Tell us Kaye S. Why doesn’t Donna Warf like bucket seats? Could it be because she can’t sit close to Danny M.? What is the new name for Sammy McKinney? Could it be “Smiley”? Why do Brenda Hall and Joyce Brown spend their time at the skating rink? Could it be because of Richard and Dennis? What’s this about Faye Johnson having a boy’s class ring from WHS? What happened to it, Faye? Who is the redheaded boy from Millstone Judy Baker is wild about? How about it, Judy, tell us. We hear that Kathy W. is struck on a brown-headed senior whose initials are S.B. Is it true? What’s this we hear about Bonnie W. lying down on the job in front of Locker No. 186. What happened, Bonnie? What three boys got moved in 4th period psychology for talking? Tell us Spud, Gary, and Freddie. What cute freshman boy guards Locker 112 all of the time? Tell us Frank Fleming. What well-known junior boy goes by the name of “Lurch?” Tell us Jesse.

Librarians’ conference

Mrs. Sue C. Blair and Mrs. Bernice Hackney of Jenkins High attended a librarians’ conference on Saturday, Dec. 4, 1965 at Eastern Kentucky University. Librarians from the eastern half of the state met there to learn about the handling of the new library resources available under Title II of the Appalachian program.

Some of the members of the senior class were:

Brenda Sue Adams, Co- Ed-Y ‘63, Auxiliary Member ‘64, Future Nurses ‘64, Future Teachers ‘64-‘65, Future Nurses ‘66.

Johnny Emory Green, Co-Ed-Y Club ‘63, Letterman Club ‘64-‘66, President ‘66, Football ‘62-‘66, Captain ‘66.

Nancy Susan Banks, Co- Ed-Y Club ‘63, Girls Conservation Club ‘64, Future Teachers of America ‘64-‘66, Annual Staff ‘64-‘66, Band 58-‘66, All Festival Band ‘65, Feature Editor of Pirate Eye ‘66.

Jimmy Johnson, Conservation Club ‘63-‘64, Letterman Club ‘64-‘66, Football ‘63-‘66, Track ‘64-‘66.

Jessie Wright, Boys’ Conservation Club ‘62-‘64, President ‘64, Letterman Club ‘63-‘66, Football ‘62-‘66, Co- Captain ‘66, Vice-President Senior Class ‘66.

Cheri Marcia Bentley, Tri-Hi-Y ‘63, Girls’ Conservation Club President ‘64, Future Teachers Club Vice- President ‘64-‘66, Annual Staff ‘66, Band ‘62-‘66.

William Gary Pack, Baseball ‘63-‘66, Band ‘62-‘65, All-Festival Band ‘63, Co- Ed-Y Club ‘63, 4-H Club ‘66, President Photo Club ‘64, President Science Club ‘65, Annual Staff ‘64.

Donna Kaye Warf, Cheerleader ‘62-‘66, Captain ‘64- ‘66, Teen Queen of the Week ‘65, Co-Ed-Y Club ‘62-‘64, Letterman Club ‘63-‘66, (Sec. 64), Future Teachers Club ‘66, Editor of the Pirate Eye ‘66, Basketball Homecoming Queen Candidate ‘64-‘65, Office Worker ‘64- ‘66, Annual Staff ‘64-‘66.

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