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Highlights of Fleming-Neon High



Meet our new teachers

The staff of The Pirate Eye is glad to welcome six new teachers to Fleming-Neon High School. They are:

Mr. Jan Anderson. Jan is a graduate of Georgetown College as well as a graduate of Fleming-Neon. He teaches English, Science and is the football coach. He lives in Neon with his wife and little girl.

Mr. James Craft is also a graduate of Fleming-Neon. He graduated from Morehead State University. He now lives in Whitesburg with his wife, Delta. He teaches World History, Geography and American History.

Mrs. Sue Frazier. Sue is a former student of Letcher High School. She graduated from Morehead State. She teaches English and has been teaching for six years. She lives in Jeremiah with her husband, Roscoe.

Mr. Doug Kincer. Doug is a former student at F-N. He is a graduate of Eastern College. He teaches Literature and Boys’ P.E.



Mrs. Willene Tubbs. Although Willene has worked at F. N. for several years, this is her first year as a teacher. She teaches one class of Shorthand. She lives at Sergent with her husband.

Mrs. Janet Collins. Janet teaches Remedial Reading and has two children.

Athlete of the month

The Future Teachers Club has selected James “Jimbo” Breeding as athlete of the month. James is a son of Mrs. Vester Breeding of Hemphill. James is a senior this year and plans to attend Morehead State University and continuing to play ball. He plans to major in physical education. Jimbo’s favorite hobby is hunting. His likes are food, girls, and sports. His dislikes are grouchy teachers, homework and peas. Jimbo’s position on the team is guard and end. He is six feet tall and weighs 225 pounds and is truly a powerhouse for Fleming-Neon.

Miss Bonnie Lynn Warf has been chosen by the F.T.A. as the senior girl of the month. Bonnie is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Tip Warf of Haymond. She is our drum mzajorette and she does a very fine job. Her likes are babies, sports, and boys. Her dislikes are unfriendly people. All the seniors wish Bonnie lots of luck in the future.



Mr. Sherwin Rucker was chosen as senior boy of the month. Sherwin is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rucker of Seco. His likes are friendly people and rock and roll music. His dislikes are the lunchroom rush and getting up early in the morning.

Sherwin is a member of the Future Teachers Club. When he gets out of school, he plans to go to Western State University and major in Biology. The seniors wish Sherwin lots of luck in everything he attempts to do.

Miss Mary Jane Lively was chosen by her fellow classmates to represent Fleming-Neon as a contestant in the Big Sandy Bowl on Saturday, Sept. 23, at Paintsville. Mary Jane is 16 years old, and a senior this year. She is co-editor of the Pirate Eye and a member of the annual staff.

Fourteen girls from different areas represented their school and the dress was semi-formal. The girls were escorted by boys from Paintsville High School who drove their convertibles in the parade. The contestants rode through town to the courthouse where they were judged on poise, beauty, and personality.

At half- time of the Paintsville vs. Catlettsburg ball game, Miss Paula Wilson from Belfry High School was crowned Miss Big Sandy Bowl of 1967.

Note: I would appreciate getting copies of ‘The Pirate Eye,’ photos of F .N. activities, etc. to share with other Pirates through this column. Any items would be returned to the owner. My number is 606-633-5966 or email: bennett. welch@gmail.com.

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