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Highlights of Fleming-Neon HS




Fleming High School

News by Pearl Welch,

Julia Frazier and

Frances Fields

Hooray for Fleming! It seems that we have started out the year right with two victories in succession.

Fleming defeated Wheelwright Saturday night by a score of 12-0. We hope that the boys will continue their good work for the other games. We will play Prestonsburg here Saturday, Sept. 28. Go to work, boys, we’re all behind you!

A pep meeting was held last Thursday afternoon and the cheerleaders were selected. They are Pearl Welch, Roberta Adkins, and Anita Murray. We know the girls will make good cheerleaders. We had a good demonstration of that last Saturday. The interest the Pep Club has shown is greatly appreciated because we know it helps the boys to play better when they feel they are supported.

The Hi-Y boys held their first meeting last Tuesday. There was good attendance with a large number of new members. Officers were elected as follows: President, Bethel Calahan; Vice- President, Paul Wright. The secretary and the treasurer will be selected later. The boys seem to be showing a good deal of interest this year and a good club is anticipated.

Assembly was held Wednesday. We all enjoyed the message brought to us by Bro. Childers, pastor of the Fleming Baptist Church. The theme of his message was “Building Our Lives on a Solid Foundation.” Everybody seemed to like him and we hope he will return soon.

The various classes were organized Friday afternoon. Officers elected were as follows:

Freshmen: Sponsor – Mr. Hogg; President – Earl Hudson; Vice-President – Mildred Boyes; Sec.- Treasurer – B.F. Kincer. Sophomore: Sponsor – Mr. Blair; President – Mabel Wright; Vice-President – Jean Burton; Secretary – Aileen Cole; Treasurer – J.D. Mullins. Juniors: Sponsor – Mr. Hall; President – Bethel Calahan; Vice-President – Elmo Parish; Secretary – Arlena Knox; Treasurer – Lois White. Seniors: Sponsor – Mr. Breeding; President – Gaynelle Hancock; Vice- President – Ruth Howath; Secretary – Anna Howard; Treasurer-Pearl Welch.

The band seems to be well on its way this year. It gave a fine performance Saturday night. Everybody seemed to enjoy the playing as well as the formations on the field. There were many compliments heard among the spectators. Saturday night was undoubtedly the best performance given yet by the band. We all appreciate the tireless efforts of Mr. Adams as he works with the band members and their hard work in trying to progress.

(The above article from the Sept. 26, 1940 Mountain Eagle.)

Progress of junior class of Fleming High School

Our class has made considerable progress since first organized Sept. 28. We elected as our class officers the following: Woodrow Reed, President; Ruth Harvath, Vice-President; Pearl Welch, Secretary; Harding Dawahare, Treasurer.

We determined at our first meeting to earn some money during the year for a short journey at the end of school. Due to the scarcity of money we have had to be patient with just a nickel or ten cents given at the time.

Our first money-making scheme was the selling of the school pennants at the Fleming-Whitesburg football game.

Our next step was selling ads for the Fleming-Jenkins basketball game. We want to express our thanks to the merchants of Neon and Fleming for their support and cooperation.

Our class sponsored the movie, “Alexander Graham Bell” at the Bentley Theatre and the whole school gave us their full cooperation.

We sold pennants to the four schools that participated in the district tournament held at the Fleming gym.

Wow, lay away a few pennies for our play, “Clover Time”, a three-act comedy that will really be a money back guarantee for the evening of April 11 at the Fleming High School Auditorium. Reporters, Gaynelle Hancock and Pearl Welch.

(The above article from the March 21, 1940 Mountain Eagle.)

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