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Highlights of Fleming-Neon HS




F.H.A. variety show

On Nov. 23. 1965, the Future Homemakers Club presented the faculty and student body with a variety show. To entertain were members of the F.H.A. and other participants outside the club.

There were several imitations on the show. Such recording artists as the Supremes, Fontella Bass, Petula Clark, and others were imitated. Our own band was on hand for the program and presented some of their great music. The Assassins consisted of Dennis Nelson, Danny Craft, Donnie Banks, Rickey Bevins and Jimmy Anderson. The Shindig Girls supplied dancing for the audience. The Assassins really do a great job with their music.

A few of the students participating in the program were Oma Lou Johnson, Bonnie Perkins, Janice Peake, Doris Johnson, Charlinda Harris, Cynthia Cook, Marie Miller, Rosemary Branch, Bonnie Dennis, Nina Isaac, Alberta Ryan, and others.

Ella Welch, Terri Yonts, Judy Tilly, Ernest Collier, and Alinda Long gave a little play called “Come Home Mr. Turkey.”

Kathy Woods made a splendid appearance twirling her baton to the music from “The King and I.” Kathy does a real nice job as majorette.

Our announcer for the show was Spud Brown. Spud is now announcing on WNKY and he does a real fine job.

On behalf of the participants in the program and our sponsor, Mrs. Quillen, we would like to thank everyone who brought food in order to keep some person or family from going hungry on this Thanksgiving holiday.

Song dedications

Madonna to Dusty – “Some Enchanted Evening”. Juanita to Don – “Give Him a Great Big Kiss”. Ernie to Debbie – “Get Off My Cloud”. Carol to Stanley, Clarise to Wayne – “Liar, Liar”. Donna to Danny Mullins – “Roadrunner”. Linda to Dickie – “Yesterday”. Bonnie W. to N? – “P.S. I Love You”. Janice to Billy, Freddy to Denise – “Hang On, Sloopy”. Mary Lou to Freeman – “One, Two, Three”. Sue to Larry, Carolyn to Kenny – “We’re Going to Make It.” Wilma to Russell – “Puppet on a String”. Jessie to Dotty, Roy to Gail – “Catch Me If You Can”. Ravalena to Gary – “You’re the One”.

Our basketball coach, Ralph Roberts, is presently living at Neon Junction. He is married to Alixe Roberts, an English teacher also employed at Fleming-Neon; both have taught here for the past six years. They have a small son, Stevie.

Voted Coach of the Year last season, Coach Roberts is looking forward to another season of success even though his team is young. He lost the entire first “5” last year and now has to rebuild his tough one that 23 out of 27 teams found unmatched last year. He won the district title, but lost a heartbreaker to Hazard 50-52 in the regional.

Coach Roberts is very dedicated to his profession, and with the Pirates first game of the season against Kingdom Come Nov. 30. Let’s all show him our appreciation of his fine coaching by going out and supporting the team.

Athlete of the Month

We the Newspaper Staff of Fleming are proud to announce that Bobby Short of the junior class has been named Athlete of the Month.

Bobby, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Short of Jackhorn, has played football for the past three years here at Fleming-Neon. He plays from the quarterback position and runs very well.

During this season of play he has scored 168 points and because of this has been in the top 15 score in the state for the past few weeks.

Upon graduation from high school Bobby hopes to obtain a scholarship to play football.

His likes are Peggy Quillen, football and other sports. His dislikes are few.

(The above articles from the 1965-66 Pirate Eye Newspaper.)

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