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Partly sunny

Highlights of Fleming-Neon HS



Can you identify these Fleming-Neon graduates? The answers are at the end of the column.

Around the campus

Janice Hall is engaged to Billy Stamper. Sorry, boys! Hey Allen, Lloyd Abdoo is beating your time isn’t he? G.H.! Marshall’s shoulder pads have been pinching him lately. We are going to try and get new shoulder pads for the team next year. Who was Sina Yonts sitting with at the movies Sunday? It couldn’t have been Joe, or could it? Could it be that Johnny B. and Juanita Maggard are going together or just dating? Why has Harold B. been going to Morehead so much lately? Could it be Cheri? Why does Johnny B. spend so much time in Fleming lately? Could it be B.B.? Looks like Madonna and Dusty are playing for keeps. Why does Judy Little like Whitesburg so well? Could it be Harold? What’s this between Bonnie Warf and a football player from Rockhouse? Hey Wilma Meade, who will it be next? What is this between Annetha H. and Donnie A.? Good luck. Sorry to hear about Jeff and Rebecca quitting. Oh well, you can’t win them all. Why does Elizabeth spend so much time at Jenkins? Could it be the library? Is it true that blondes have more fun? Tell us, Irene M. Hey Linda T. and Barbara G., who are the Pound boys with the red Mustang? Hey Linda C., heard you got stung by a Yellow Jacket! Is it true that insects like flowers? Wonder if Bug or Rose could tell us! Who is the queen of the pool tables? Ask Christine B. Who took Gary F.’s place in Linda’s heart? Tell us, George. Who is the girl who got her foot cut on an opener in 5th period biology? Tell us, Peggy T.



Song dedications

Mr. Lucas to 3rd period class, “Working in the Coal Mines.” Mr. Honeycutt to Haymond bus run, “You’re Driving Me Out of My Mind.” Kay S. to Jerry E., “Warm and Tender Love.” Penny H. to Ronnie B., “We Can Work it Out.” Joyce B. to Dennis B., “Cherish.” Julie R. to Johnny B., “Coming on Strong.” Donna Bates to someone special, “You Were On My Mind.” Barbara Gibson to Joe, “I Couldn’t Live Without Your Love.” Bonnie D. to Freddie H., “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.” Peggy T. to Tommy B., “You Can Never Stop Me From Loving You.” Cecilia T. to Robert, “Coming on Strong. ”

( The above articles from the Nov. 1967 Pirate Eye Newspaper and Yearbooks.)

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