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History of the Obie Fields Cemetery

Happy New Year.

What a great month December was weather-wise, but sad otherwise with the death of Paul Fields, son of Geraldine and the late Charlie Fields. Then Darrell Fields, son of the late Alma and Lansford Fields, and then Audrey Cornett Sumpter, daughter of Woodrow and Virgie Cornett. My sympathy goes to all the families — and here at Christmastime, so sad.

Well folks, I was awake all of Christmas Eve waiting to see Santa Claus and now I know he doesn’t exist or I was on the naughty list — not one gift and no sight of him. Hope he made it to everyone else’s house. If he doesn’t do better next year I will fire him.

On Christmas morning I tried to get my sister Kathy to come up and we would make our rounds early a.m. to see what everyone else got for Christmas like we did when we were kids. Back in the day if we saw Irene and Eugene’s lights come on we gave them a few minutes to open gifts, then we went over to see what Emma and Francis got. Then we made our way over to Eva’s house to see what Claudette and Levine got.

If as many cars were on the road then as they are now, we would have gotten run over. This time I would have had to drive because too far to walk for us older kids. But we sure did have fun and usually came back to our house or Irene’s house to play.

So next year, neighbors, if someone comes to your house at 5 or 6 a.m., please don’t shoot but have a cup of coffee ready. I do not wanna get run over by a reindeer.

Well now, to change the tune a little, going to give you a little history on the Obie Fields Cemetery on Big Cowan about a fourth of a mile from Trent’s Grocery. I had planned on writing about it for a long time and am just now getting around to it. Don’t mean for it to sound morbid, just thought you might like reading something different.

Before I get into that, let me thank my nieces for bringing me a plate of food from Archie’s and a can of popcorn. Also, thanks to my aunt and uncle Irene and Eugene Day for a plate, all on Christmas Day. It was much appreciated even though my appetite was not back to normal. Thanks to all of you for thinking of me.

Obediah (Obie) Fields Cemetery was named after my great-grandfather, Obediah (Obie) Fields. It started out as a family cemetery. The first person buried there was his son, who was a twin brother to Mart, my grandpa, who died at birth (never named) and was buried under a hickory tree at the top of the hill in a shoebox. Mostly relatives are buried there, but over the years a few non-relatives have been buried there. The last one to date was Paul Fields, son of Geraldine and the late Charlie Fields.

There are some interesting gravesites up there. If that hill could talk, some tales it could share. The side as you go up the hill is almost full, but on the other side a few places are left.

The Old Regular Baptist back in the ‘50s had preaching all day and dinner on the ground with a large crowd in attendance. Oh, what fun times that was for our community and the VFW coming on Memorial Day and playing “Taps” and shooting 21-gun salutes over the graves of soldiers who paid tribute to our country. I remember Grant Miles and H. Day being there. Not as much of that now as the VFW members are getting older. “Taps” is played via recorder and the 21-gun salute is shot at the bottom of the hill. The hill is so steep it is very hard for the older folks to get up there.

Big Cowan

Sure do miss the old days. Wish we could get someone to volunteer to build steps with guardrails up there so it would make it easier. The kids used to run all over that hill collecting the spent casings and a few flags.

After all these years it is still a very pretty cemetery, especially after Decoration Day.

I have so many loved ones buried on that hill and I miss them, but to have known them has been a blessing.

Prayers this week: Jessie Faye Fields Combs, Stella and Johnny Boggs, David Boggs Jr., Mickey and Glenda Helton, Jim Howard and Henrietta Banks, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, Agnes Maggard, Irene and Eugene Day, Evadean Webb, Charles and Shirley Day.

Prayers for Jenny and Francis Day and Paige, also the Campbell family on the passing of Jenny’s brother Danny.

Pray for all of my neighbors and all those that are sick and in the hospital, all the shut-ins and in nursing homes, and homeless people, and our churches.

Happy birthday to Autumn Boggs Bunch on Jan. 16.

Late happy anniversary to Archie and Margaret Fields on Jan. 1. Late happy birthday to Carla Maggard Jan. 1.

In memory this week: Mary Ann Brock Maggard would have been 79 on Jan. 2. Monroe Pack died four years ago on Jan. 7. Mary Lou Turner would have been 79 on Jan. 13. Irene Turner died one year ago on Jan. 14. Anna Lou Maggard Combs died four years ago on Jan. 16.

Well folks, gotta go for now. Have a great week. Attend the church of your choice. Remember “only what you do for Jesus Christ will last.” May God bless all of you and keep you safe until next time.

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