Whitesburg KY
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Mostly sunny

Hog killing time

All In Fun

It was summertime and the old farmhouse was hot. Even with the doors and windows open, it was just too hot to sleep. Grandpa had rolled and tossed all night.

When morning came, he wondered what he would do on such a hot day.

He fed his mule and hogs, then milked the cow and ate breakfast. He started to plow in the garden, but it was just too hot.

Then he thought about cutting the weeds behind the house, but it was just too hot. He finally decided he would walk into town to see what was going on at the old store.

Even in the summer, Grandpa wore his overalls and long-sleeved flannel shirt, so it wasn’t long before he had really worked up a sweat.

Uncle William lived down the road from us, and his son Bill was home from Ohio to visit with his dad. He had a brand new car, and he wanted to drive into town to show it off .

When he caught up with Grandpa on the road, he decided to give him a ride. He could see Grandpa was hot, so he turned on the car’s air conditioner to get it colder as Grandpa got in.

They rode along for a bit and Bill could see Grandpa was still warm, so he turned the air conditioner still colder.

After a little while, Grandpa told Bill that he could stop and let him out if he didn’t care. When Bill asked him why he had changed his mind about going into town, Grandpa said, “Well, when I left the house it was too hot to do anything, but now that it has turned off cold, I think I’ll just go home and kill a hog!”

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