Whitesburg KY

Hog lots have distinctive, lingering odor

Being one who has always been willing to lend a helping hand if called upon, I have gotten caught in some awful predicaments in the past.

One such occasion got me smack dab in the middle of a hog lot. And we all know what conditions are in a hog pen or lot. guarantee, if you get introduced to one headfirst, you will not fit into any social circle for days to come, no matter how many immersions you may have in the creek of bathtub.

The aroma always seems to last for days. Maybe it just seems to linger on so as to remind a body that there is something that stinks about as bad and lasts about as long as the perfume of a skunk. The only difference is it is harder to rid one’s self of the hog pen odor. It seems to soak or penetrate right into the pores of the skin.

I write this being fully aware that many folks love to eat pork. Next to a chicken, a hog is one of the nastiest critters that God ever created.

As I was saying, I have always been willing to lend a helping hand if I was called upon to do so. On this particular occasion, a neighbor asked a friend of mine to come and give his hog a shot of medication as it was down and couldn’t get up. I volunteered to go with him.

We got to the hog lot and the hog was down as he had said. We decided to see if we could get it to stand up, but no amount of persuasion could get it to raise up off the ground. We needed it to be in the pen to give it the shot, but after much persuasion it still refused to get up and out of the mud and manure.

We figured if it was that sick, it wouldn’t object if I held onto its ears while my friend administered the shot – wrong. As soon as he poked it with that needle, it sprang to its feet as if it hadn’t been sick a day in its life.

It took off like a rocket around the lot. I lost my hold on its ears and grabbed it by the tail as it went by. I didn’t count how many times we passed my friend before I finally let go of its tail. I can tell you one thing, though. I got a taste of everything it had eaten that day and the preceding week, for that matter. I sure was one pathetic looking mess.

We had walked up there and it’s a good thing we did because I would have, no doubt, had to walk back anyway.

Anyway, the hog got better even without its shot. Anybody ever hear of a hog playing ‘possum? I wonder about that sometimes.

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