Whitesburg KY

Hogg honored for helping ‘change people’s lives’ here

A former Letcher County sheriff was honored by the Letcher County Chamber of Commerce last week for his vision and leadership.

Maynard Hogg received a business achievement and leadership award at the Chamber’s “Unsung Heroes” award ceremony at Pine Mountain Grill in Whitesburg on Sept. 9. Hogg was nominated for the award by Neon dentist Dr. Sam Quillen Jr.

Quillen described Hogg as “my second dad, my mentor, the guy I always wanted to be like.” Quillen said Hogg is “loving, fair, giving.”

“Maynard Hogg is a really wonderful guy,” said Quillen. “He’s someone we go to. He was one of six kids that came out of Kingdom Come. He was poor as a church mouse and he would tell you that. He didn’t know it because that is how he was raised.”

Quillen acknowledged Hogg for sponsoring Little League teams and other organizations.

“He could see what we needed,” said Quillen.

Hogg has been active in the Neon Lions Club for 56 years and has bought thousands of pairs of eyeglasses for children. He is a recipient of the Lions Club’s Melvin Jones Award.

“If I have helped one child or one family in my 85 years of life, I thank the good Lord for it,” said Hogg. “You all are talking to a fellow that doesn’t have a high school education. We raise what we eat and eat what we raise.”

Hogg has given many donations to the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.

“He is a major player to everything that has been good in Letcher County,” said Quillen. “He has quietly and silently helped tons of children in Letcher County. He has changed people’s lives.”

Quillen said he has been with Hogg several times when people would come up to him and ask him for something and Hogg would give them what they needed. Quillen would ask Hogg who the person was and he would say that he didn’t know.

“To have such an unconscious willingness to help so many people is an unheard of trait,” said Quillen.

Hogg served in the Navy. He became active in the coal business after his term as sheriff ended in the late 1960s.

“He was a very successful coal operator,” said Quillen. “I don’t know where Maynard learned to mine coal, but he did. I think at one time Maynard could have been elected to anything. He has been my unsung hero since 1954.”

Hogg and his wife, Evaleen, ran a service station at Neon and would give items away to people that needed them.

“She has fixed flats,” said Hogg. “I never did learn how to change oil.”

Hogg said he has been married to his wife for 63 years and nine months.

“I love Letcher County,” he said. “I love Kentucky and I love the United States. I say yes sir and no sir. I was raised that way. I put God first, then my family and friends. The one thing I want to leave you with is that what you’ve got and what you’ll get will do you as long as you live. It’s better to leave a little history behind.”

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