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Holiday Barbie is annual Christmas present

Northeast Ohio

‘Tis Christmas day and I do hope everyone is having a great day. I’m sure all the little ones are busy playing with their toys from Santa and moms are busy preparing a delicious dinner.

Red and I are just having a lazy day, as we had our family here on Sunday, Dec. 21. All were here except grandson David, and he should be in Saturday. He’s an over-the-road truck driver, so we don’t get to see him too often.

We have gotten several calls today, some from Tennessee, Virginia, Indiana, and of course here in Ohio.

Bill and Redia had their family over for Christmas Eve and we stopped by for a couple hours.

I got my Holiday Barbie this year. They’ve been on the market for 20 years and now I have 20. We got some beautiful handmade gifts, several very useful ones, and several gift cards, mostly for restaurants, which I really appreciate — means I can skip cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I do like to cook, but sometimes it’s hard to decide what to make for the two of us.

It’s pretty cold here, temps at 22 and wind chill at 11. We still haven’t had enough snow to brag about. Better be careful what I say, we could end up being snowbound.

I talked to Sarah Belle a few days ago and she sounded much better than the last time I called her. At that time she had a bad sinus infection.

Ricky had his surgery. They had to go in and shatter two large kidney stones. So far, he’s doing OK.

Georgia still sounds a bit stuffed up, but Richard seems to be over his cold.

Red has a sore throat again. I just hope it’s well enough that he will feel like going to Little Edna Church on Sunday.

Just looked outside and guess what? Yep, it’s a snowin’. Hopefully, we won’t get a big one.

Catherine is off today, but works a double tomorrow, so this is a short note. More next time. Have a great week, stay warm, and stay well. Love and prayers to all.

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