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Holiday Hints

B. Smith, the maven of merriness, offers her top tips for the season:



Easy Elegance

At my restaurants, I love dressing up plated food with a fragrant spice or herb sprigs. This is easy to do at home, too. Lightly sprinkle cinnamon around individual plates of apple pie, and dust the whipped cream or ice cream à la mode. Use fresh herbs to add a splash of color and aroma. Chives, rosemary, tarragon and sage make lovely garnishes.

Candle-Berry Votives

Place 10 to 12 cranberries in clear glass votive candle – holders. Fill them with tap water and top with a float – ing clear votive candle. Arrange these on the table and light them just before guests arrive. Look for votive holders in varying sizes and colors to match your table setting.

Wise Timesavers

Hosts know every minute counts, so I like to make the most of convenience products when streamlining. Pillsbury Frozen Dinner Rolls are favorite timesavers that deliver restaurant-quality flavor and tex ture. They store well in the freezer and can arrive hot from the oven to your table in eight easy minutes.

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