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Holing up potatoes

We got the corn, cushaws and pumpkins gathered here on the funny farm last time I wrote. Now we have to get the potatoes dug and holed up.

We dig a hole that will hold about half of the crop and after putting the ‘taters in within six or eight inches of the top, we cover them with a layer of straw followed by a mound of soil with a piece of plastic or other material to shed the water.

When we need ‘taters out of the hole, we make a hole in one place big enough to get a hand in to the ‘taters and take out what we need. Then we close the hold and put the cover back over the mound. We don’t use these ‘taters until we use the other half of the crop, which we stored in the cellar.

The sweet ‘taters we store in a dry place such as a closet inside the house where it is warmer and dry.

As we get a hankering for a baked ‘tater, we put a few under the grate (fireplace) and rake them out of the ashes with the poker when they are done. We never heard of foil to wrap them in, so I guess one could say we had plenty of grit in our craw. But they sure are good, ashes and all.

Our dried beans (shuck beans) are on strings and hang by the fireplace or stove, whichever we have. Some folks call the dried beans leather britches, but they are good no matter. Anyone could call them whatever they want to.

If a body had a heating stove, they could cook a pot of beans as they heated the house. It’s hard to beat a meal of soup beans, cornpone, sauerkraut and a slice or two of onion. My tongue gets all excited just thinking about a meal like that. But memories of times long past are mine to keep and cherish.

On a different note, you that know the worth of prayer please remember Sylvania Whitaker who just had a kidney transplant, and my friend Eugene Meade and my brotherin law Van Blair, who have serious health problems.

That’s all from the funny farm till next time.

Contributing writer Relon Hampton lives at Premium.

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