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Home movies show good times

I guess it’s time for me to get down to writing. It has been a rough week for me. I haven’t been feeling very well. Not too sick, but not too well with pain in my back and leg. It is not too bad until I try to walk. I will be okay in a few days, I hope.

I hope everyone is well and able out in our readers’ world.

The news on TV has been worrisome over the bad flooding and winds in the wake of Florence. I sure am glad I live in the mountains. Sometimes it gets bad here, but not ever like that storm. I have friends and relatives living in Florida, but they were safe this time.


I spend Saturday with my son, David, and Denise, his wife, and my granddaughter Lauren and her son, Grant Michael. It was good to be with them.

We watched a bunch of home movies they had when their two daughters, Lauren and Rachel, were little girls in Jefferson City, Tenn., playing in their playhouse, and of my husband Claude building a big garage and storage building. It seemed as if he was still here with us — to see him walking around and climbing up on ladders and playing.

I forgot to tell about visiting my first cousin in my article last week. Randy and I went to visit Tanzie after we made pictures at that cemetery. She was making a stack cake to take to her church. She was cooking apples and getting ready to make the gingerbread, so guess what.

She started, and the next thing I knew she made us little cakes and put us some apples on our plates to eat with the little cakes. It was so good. She is so special.

She showed me two baby quilts she had made for a young couple who go to church where she goes. They are expecting twins, a boy and a girl. The quilts had Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on them. They were so beautiful. She bought the cloth at John B. Adams and then put cotton and a lining on them and then hand quilted them.

She showed all her family pictures she has hanging on the walls in her house. Her daughter had gotten big, huge picture frames and put the pictures in them in a collage style. They did an excellent job on that. That is a neat way to keep precious pictures. I may try doing that also. I have so many albums of all my family and Claude’s family and our grandparents and aunts and uncles.

It is awful to have to watch the news on Judge Kavanaugh on TV. I believe he is innocent. That’s just because he is a Republican and then Democrats want to down him. If I was those women I would be ashamed to tell that, even after that many years ago. Fifteen and eighteen-year-olds should have told their dads on him if he had done that.

My dad would have beat him up really bad. I sure wouldn’t wait 30 years to tell something like that on myself and let people know I was keeping a secret for that long, especially that kind.

My son Don is feeling really bad with his diabetes running too high. He has a hard time with that. He is Type 1 and I am Type 2. I do okay.

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