Whitesburg KY

Homemaker Clubs offers scholarship

Members of Letcher County Extension Homemaker Clubs will sponsor a $250 college scholarship for the fall semester.

Scholarship guidelines are:

1. The recipient must live in Letcher County

2. Must be a high school graduate or equivalent.

3. Must be enrolled in or accepted by an accredited college or university.

4. Must submit a letter requesting the scholarship, a transcript of high school grades and a brief statement of future plans.

5. The scholarship will be awarded by a Letcher County Extension Homemaker Committee.

6. The Committee’s decision will be final.

All the information requested in number four above must be submitted by May 2 to: Letcher County Extension Office, Attention: Ann Bradley, P.O. Box 784, Whitesburg, Ky. 41858

Educational programs conducted by the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service are available to all persons, regardless of age, color, race, sex, religion, disability, national origin, socio- economic level or geographic location.

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