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Homemakers attend area meeting


Just a quick column this week. As usual I’m writing in a hurry.

Some places did get a lot of snow before Halloween, but we only got a dusting on the cars and grass. You have to feel sorry for those living in the areas where Hurricane Sandy hit. It was sad to see the devastation.

Belated birthday wishes to Sharon Adams of Blair Branch. She and Kirk spent some time in Kingsport and had dinner at the Cracker Barrel in Johnson City for her birthday.

Our Letcher Area Homemakers Club and Ann Bradley went to the Quicksand Area Meeting held in Knott County this year. We had a good lunch and an interesting meeting, and quite a few of our group won door prizes.

I think there are about seven or eight counties in our area, and most were represented at the meeting. There were 19 from Letcher County who made the trip to Knott County.

I also saw former Perkins Branch resident Jackie Adams there with her Knott County club.

Della Blair is back home recuperating from a recent fall. We hope she makes a quick recovery.

We stopped in at the nursing home on Sunday to visit neighbors and family who are residing there.

We attended Mt. Olivet church at Blackey last Sunday. There was a good crowd and service.

As I finish this up, Bob, Hunter Banks and I are heading off to the Virginia Creeper Trail to ride bikes. That’s at Damascus, Va., and we’re hoping it won’t be too cool.

Hope all little trick-ortreaters had a safe night and got loaded down with candy. We only had about eight little ones so we’re still eating the leftover candy. That’s why I always buy what we like.

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