Whitesburg KY

Homemakers attend Christmas program


Bennett and Linda Combs enjoyed having some of their family on Saturday for their Thanksgiving dinner. They were David, Jennifer and Amber Combs; Steve, Brenda, Jessica and Shade Boggs; and Regina, Christina, Robert Bennett, Dustin and Jenna Crawford.

Happy birthdays to Lois Brown Sturgill of Ohio, and Watson Combs of Louisville, both born on Dec. 12.

Also happy birthday to Yvonne Sutphin’s daughter, Teresa, this month.

Get well wishes to Billie Ann Gilley, who is in Letcher Manor Nursing Home’s Rehab Center.

We were happy to have some of the Mississippians in for Thanksgiving, Kathy and Sara Lamont, Allen Burns, and Mike and Shirley Harris, Elissa Fulton, Olivia Grace Fulton and Steven Fulton. They enjoyed visiting friends and relatives and riding the trails looking for bears and elk. They had Bobby and Georgia Phillips join them for Thanksgiving dinner.

Also spending some time on Cowan were Mike, Martha and Greg Wenning of Ohio.

In for Thanksgiving were Tony and Susan Moore, Curtis, Sarah and Jamie.

Visiting John and Faye Campbell were Mike and Janice Moore, Anna, Myles and Addison.

The Cowan Homemakers had their December meeting at Virginia Brown’s with 12 members present. They mostly ate and partied, and had a great time.

Dec. 6 a group of Homemakers and friends went to the Mountain Art Center for the Kentucky Opera Christmas Program. We are grateful to Ann Bradley, who took 12 in the van, and Stacy Dollarhyde, who took five in her car. It was a wonderful performance, with lively Christmas music and singing, guaranteed to stir up the Christmas spirit.

There were also some very moving moments, as when they sang ‘Celebrate Me Home’ while displaying on a large screen, pictures and names of those serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. Also, a tiny girl beautifully sang, “Happy birthday, Jesus, I love you.”

Cowan Head Start has completed its community helpers theme. The students visited Food City, the sheriff ’s department, the Gordon Fire Department, and the Recycling Center. They also had forest rangers, who showed slides and animal hides. The children really enjoyed their guests and field trips. Head Start gives thanks to our community helpers.

The children will be Christmas caroling their friends and neighbors this week. They wish all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. May God bless us all.

Everyone is invited to the Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church on Sunday, Dec. 20, for the Sunday School program. The title this year is ‘Happy Birthday, Immanuel.’

There may be several Christmas parties and celebrations earlier, but for me, it is during that little Sunday School program that Christmas arrives.

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