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Homemakers celebrate Thanksgiving early


We’ve had our share of up-and-down temperatures lately. First it’s a couple of days of warm weather, then some really cool days and nights and then back to warm. It makes it hard to know what clothes to wear.

The Letcher Area Homemakers had their Thanksgiving meeting and dinner last week at the Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church. They reported a good time and so much food that they fed the workers who are doing the new roof on the church.

Sorry I missed it but we were busy getting ready to go out of town and the dinner just slipped my mind.

Don, Coreen Pridemore, Bob, Kenny Joe and I spent last Wednesday through Saturday at Pennyrile State Park. We were glad that the temperatures stayed in the 70s while we were there. We enjoyed our trip but were sorry to learn that Beulah Back had died while we were gone.

Also, I was sorry to hear of the death of Johnathan Griffie of Blackey. Our prayers go out to his and Beulah’s families.

Betty Hatton and Berma Matthews spent a few days last week in Louisville at an AARP meeting. They had a nice hotel and attended meetings while there.

The Blackey Presbyterian Church will have its bazaar and auction and refreshments sale this coming Saturday, Nov. 20, at 5 p.m. All are invited to come and be with them.

This weekend will be Blair Branch church time and after Sunday services we will have a Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Brenda Caudill Adams will also be baptized on Sunday. She joined at Blackey (Mt. Olivet) on the first weekend. She is the wife of Wayne Adams and daughter of the late Tilden and Martha Caudill. We are all happy for her.

Geraldine Ison has been having problems with her blood pressure lately, and her brother and sister-inlaw, Larry and Mary Caudill of Indiana, are also having some health problems. We hope they all can feel better soon.

James Caudill of Crases Branch, has also been back and forth to a doctor’s office in Lexington because of health problems and needs to be remembered in your prayers as does Toby Breeding, who is recuperating from his recent radiation treatments.

It was sad to hear that Shirley Brown Sexton had lost her daughter, Sharon Holbrook, to death recently. Sharon had touched many lives when she worked as a schoolteacher and was well loved in the area. The overflowing crowd attending her funeral must have made her mother Shirley, daughter Grayson, and former husband Marty Holbrook all proud to know how much everyone cared.

We didn’t know that Brenda ‘Shorty’ Caudill had recently broken her shoulder. She is doing much better with it now and hopefully it will be all healed up soon.

Also, Andrew Back recently broke his arm after a fall. He is the son of Shirley Back and the late Ikie Back, and his grandparents, Ronnie and Hester Back and Jim and ‘Dosh’ Fields were all worried about him.

Hopefully Barbara Culp is getting along okay after her recent surgery to repair broken bones in her leg. She was recently in a car accident and had her surgery in Pikeville Hospital. I think her sister ‘Kitty’, of Indiana, is helping her and Roy out for awhile.

Bill and Joyce Adams have both been in and out of the hospital and weren’t well enough to attend the Sunday afternoon services at Little Ruby Church. Merle Caudill and Phyllis Adams brought their mother, Grace Caudill, and everyone is always pleased to see her.

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