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Homemakers visit Natural Bridge State Park


It seems the week just flies by, and it’s time to write another column. I must be in a lull, I just can’t get motivated to sit down and write.

The Letcher Area Homemakers took a trip to National Bridge State Park. They went Aug. 11 and had dinner at the Lodge and caught up on their events of the summer.

I don’t think anyone hiked to the top of the mountain this year, but they had a nice trip.

Ford Pridemore came up from Lexington to spend the night with Lee and Wilma Pridemore and he attended Saturday night services at Blair Branch Church.

We had quite a large crowd attending our Sunday morning service, and it was good to see all who attended.

Everyone was so sorry to learn that Josephine Holcomb of Isom had suffered a stroke. She is one of the hardest workers you could meet, and most everyone knows her through Halcomb’s Custard Stand at Isom.

We hope things get better with her. She is such a strong pillar in the Isom community, and most everyone knows her, Lee, Hoover, Ronnie and Robert.

Last weekend Larry Caudill of Indiana came in to spend some time with family here. He stayed with Rodney and Geraldine Ison and attended church with them on Saturday evening.

He wanted to thank the Blair Branch members for their prayers during his recent illness.

The doctors said that he has overcome his health problems remarkably, and Larry gives the Lord the credit for his recovery.

We send get well wishes to Evolena Adams, who recently had surgery on her feet.

And also, get well wishes to Virgil Combs, who recently spent some time in the hospital.

Imogene Griffie Caudill celebrated her recent birthday with dinner at Pine Mountain Grill. She, Wanda, and Odell were helping out at Cedar Grove Church’s recent yard sale.

Jerry, Ellis and Ila Adams attended the Friendship Church in Lincoln County this past Sunday.

Two new shops in the Isom area you might want to visit are: Gwen’s County Attic, located in the former P&R Furniture building beside Croucher’s garage, she has antiques and collectibles; and Diana’s Bows and Fashions, a consignment clothing store located on Garner Mountain.

Not just these two, but also visit all the businesses in the Isom community. It’s grown into an area with lots of shops owned by local folk who need the community’s support. You can find just about anything you need in that area.

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