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Northeast Ohio

It’s hard to believe another week has come and gone but as the old saying goes, “Time waits for no man.” I just wish it would slow down a bit. A big howdy to all and I hope your week was a good one. Did you have any snow? We got some, but not enough to cover the ground, just patches here and there. Sure hope that will be the last but I don’t plan to hold my breath.

We are having a pretty nice day here. The sun is shining but there are no cold winds blowing. That’s the one thing I can really get along just fine without.

Hope this finds all well and suffering nothing worse than a mite of spring fever. Red and I are still just plugging along and our family seems to be doing well even though Red did have another fall. Don’t know what I’m going to do with him, put him in a padded suit I guess.

We went to Pleasant View Church. It was their union meeting and what a crowd. There must have been around 200, more or less. I got to see several friends I don’t get to see too often like Christine Meade, a cousin to Jettie, and one of the Profitt twins, Rosa Meade. Her sister is Ruby and she also married a Meade. They grew up at Millstone. Their brother, Joe Junior, also lives in this area. Our son, Billy Wayne, used to work with him.

I got two birthday cards yesterday, one from sisterin law Vera Mae Sowards in Pound, Va., and the other from cousin Bill in North Carolina. He had made a trip to Letcher County last of February and as a usual thing drove by his old homeplace. But this time was very different, the house was burning and the roof had already fallen into the basement. I can just imagine how he felt, seeing the home he grew up in destroyed. But neither fire nor anything else can destroy all the good memories. Whenever I am on Indian Creek and pass our old home there is always a feeling of sadness, just seeing it slowly waste away, seeing the empty eyes of the windows and not seeing all the beautiful flowers Mom always had growing. It was a veritable showplace with the ones that bloomed every year and all the potted ones here and there. We used to help carry pots upstairs in the fall and back to porch and yard come spring. Some bloomed all winter.

I can shut my eyes and see curtains covering the windows, green grass, flowers blooming and sometimes no grass, just a clean swept dirt yard with several barefoot, dirty children running around yelling, jumping rope or playing marbles or some other game. Believe you me, we really did get pretty dirty. It didn’t seem to bother Mom too much. She just made sure we washed up and had clean clothes, which she had to scrub on a washboard and iron with a stove iron.

I remember when we were small, we didn’t have a living room. We had beds in every room except the kitchen, but with nine children plus Dad and Mom lots of beds were needed. We never had bedspreads or store-bought curtains. The beds were covered with sheets and Mom made the curtains. I’m not sure but all could have been made from feed sacks bleached until white.

That wasn’t all that feed sacks were used for, they were also used for things like dishtowels, diapers, slips, bloomers, scarves for small tables and anything else that was needful. When they started putting feed in printed sacks we had new skirts, jumpers and dresses. We would look through a catalog, pick out something we liked and Mom would cut and make it for us.

Right now I have trouble cutting out quilt pieces and as for sewing something on a machine, I do well to sew up a rip, hem a dishtowel and have made some pillowcases and potholders. The plain and simple truth is I am not a seamstress. Ethel and Jeanie both did some sewing, Anna Lea was quite the expert but Sarah Belle and I went in other directions. She was a school teacher, the only one to earn her master’s, and I liked to make quilts and embroider.

By the time you read this Easter will have come and gone. Somehow I didn’t realize it was so close. I should have sent Easter greetings last week but that’s me, “a day late and a dollar short”. Anyway, I hope everyone had a blessed day with lots of love and sunshine and I hope the little ones had fun hunting Easter eggs and hope they got lots of goodies in their Easter baskets.

It has turned into a beautiful warm, sunny day, almost shirtsleeve weather.

Sunday is church at Little Pilgrim Home in Ruggles. I guess if Red isn’t too sore and feels OK, we’ll try to go. On that note and as it’s time to fix supper, I will stop. Sending love and prayers your way. Have a great week, share a smile with all you meet and be good.

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