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Honoring our veterans

I am so glad I went when I was asked to help honor veterans on Veterans Day. I saw men and women I had not seen in years.

After my 50 years living here, and working and playing sports with a lot of these vets after my 27 years in the Air Force, many of the veterans knew me.

Some I had worked with, had played senior softball with, and had marched many of them in our parades or had driven our classic cars down Main Street here in Fairfield, Calif., during Veterans Days years ago.

Our coed softball team, I played on until I was 87 years old. My only civilian job I ever had was working for the largest construction company in northern California for over 40 years after my Air Force retirement. I could not have asked for a better job. I was its only printer.

I still enjoy writing for The Mountain Eagle newspaper. Pam Walker, who works at The Mountain Eagle, is my best friend. Many people know me because of my stories.

You vets, have a good and long life. I hope we are all here next year. I will be 91 years old on my next birthday.

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