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Honoring school board members

To the Editor:

Even in these difficult financial times, ensuring world-class learning opportunities for every student is the singular focus of Chairman Durward Narramore, Vice Chairman Eileen Sanders, Paulette Sexton, Tracy Goff , and Paul Stambaugh, the members of the Jenkins Independent Board of Education.

It’s safe to say that local elected leaders have seldom faced a year like 2009 and the outlook for 2010 is equally challenging. The members of the Jenkins Independent Board of Education have worked to preserve the district’s ability to educate our children in the face of a massive state budget shortfall and tough economic times at the local level.

For their individual and collective dedication to this community, the Jenkins faculty, staff and students honor these men and women during Kentucky’s observation of January 2010 and School Board Member Recognition Month.

Our community is fortunate to have these individuals on the Jenkins Board of Education looking out for its children, doing a job that is probably far more involved that most people realize — and likely more involved than even they expected when they began their public service.

Our board members don’t just serve this community when they attend board meetings. They attend school functions, support our academic and athletic teams, buy goods at booster and student club fund-raisers, off ering countless hours most of the general public never sees.

They also help ensure that every dollar in our annual budget gets the most value for the greatest instructional result. That’s a huge responsibility to balance the needs of our students and the revenues we have to work with.

I am proud to work alongside the members of our Jenkins Board of Education in our joint quest to give every one of our students the tools for a successful life, and encourage my fellow community members to join me in thanking them for their selfless service.
Jenkins Independent School

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