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Honors night held at SKCTC

Honors Night was held recently on the Whitesburg campus of Southeast Kentucky Community and Technical College. Those receiving awards and commendations include:

Outstanding Freshmen: Jared N. Caudill and Belinda Ritchie; Outstanding Sophomores: Joseph L. Browning and Chelsea Tucker.

Certificate of Appreciation: Christy Adams, Jessica Antonio, William Banks, Lisa Burke, Lula Hogg, Tashawnna Howard, William Long, Belinda Ritchie, Angela Slone and Paula Potter.

PTK: Joseph Browning, Jason Hall, Angela Hunsucker, Nancy Hatton, Cliff Hall, Asteria Cook, Kristy Hollenbeck, Kayla Adams, Cynthia Sanders, Katelyn Mullins, Angela Slone and Heather Stallard.

Outstanding MT065 Basic Algebra Award: Jared Caudill; Outstanding MT055 Pre-Algebra Award: Erica Hall and Alice Machniak; and Special Recognition Math Tutor: Belinda Ritchie, Tracy Bowling, Jill Dixon and Dawn Stamper.

HCTC/SKCTC Physical Therapist Assistant Regional Program Outstanding Academic Achievement Award: Leslie Michelle Seals. HCTC/ SKCTC Physical Therapist Assistant Regional Program Outstanding Clinical Performance: Brad Creech.

Outstanding Student in Anthropology: Jessica Stines; Outstanding Student in Social Problems: Cliff Hall; Outstanding Student in Appalachian Studies II: Chelsea Tucker; Outstanding Student in Statistics STA210: Jessica Bentley, A.J. Hamilton and Joseph Newell; and Outstanding Student in Introductory Sociology: Zachary Dillon Lucas and Cliff Hall.

Outstanding College Algebra Student: Belinda Ritchie, Janice McPeeks and Seth Greer; Outstanding Calculus Student: Jason Hall; Outstanding Statistics Student: Belinda Ritchie, Joy Hampton, Richard Rains and David Hampton; Honors Program: Kristie Brooke Hollenbeck and Asteria Cook.

Inspiration Award: Angela Hunsucker; Excellence in English 101 and 102: Belinda Ritchie and Seth Greer; Excellence in English 101, 102, and 161: Heather Stallard and Jessica Bentley; Excellence in Native American Literature: Joseph Newell and Christy Adams; Excellence in Appalachian Literature: Tonya Collins and Justin Hunsucker; Outstanding Student in ENG 161 (online): Christy Adams, Stephen Caldwell, Trista Hickerson, Mark Hogg, Anthony Ratliff, Kimelia Osborne, Lindsey Lewis, Chelsea Tucker and Larry T. Hickerson; and William T. ‘Terry’ Cornett Writing Award: Mona Lisa Burke.

HCTC/SKCTC Outstanding Academic Achievement in Radiology: Amber Mays and Eric Hunt; Most Improved Clinical Performance: Lula Hogg.

Overall Outstanding Psychology Student: Kathy Allen; Outstanding Beginning Psychology Student: Michael Howard; Outstanding Transfer Psychology Student: Joseph Newell; Outstanding Sophomore Psychology Student: Thomas Anderson and Heather Fulton.

Outstanding Student in Human Anatomy & Physiology I: Joseph Browning, Pamela Mullins, Ashley Harris and Alicia Smith; Outstanding Student in Human Anatomy & Physiology II: Larry Hickerson, Janice McPeeks and Nancy Hatton; Outstanding Student in Medical Microbiology: Katelyn Mullins; Outstanding Student in Principles of Microbiology: Heather Fulton, Janice McPeeks and Amanda Wright.

Appalachian Studies: Taylyn Combs, Katie Allen and Dwayne Herald; Intro. to Interpersonal Communications: Kendra Day.

Clinical Performance: Casey Sexton and Cody Epling; Perfect Attendance: Melanie Watts, Jennifer Oakes and Shannon Hankinson.

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