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Hooked on pirates



Aye, do ye love to read about the days when the high seas were home to scoundrels who lived and died by the sword? Then consider “Piratepedia” by Alisha Niehaus and Alan Hecker (DK Publishing, $12.99).

The book, for kids age 7 and older, is a treasure chest of swashbuckling lore, with details on pirates from all over the world, their vessels and their exploits.

You’ll find out what “arrrrr” really means (it’s “a pirate grunt that can mean just about anything from ‘I agree’ to ‘boo'”) and learn the

meaning of handy words and phrases: “Kiss the gunner’s daughter”: To be flogged aboard ship.

“Me hearty”: A friend or shipmate.

“Davey Jones’ Locker”: A sailor’s name for “the evil spirit of the deep, as well as a term for death.

Bonus: If you start studying now, you’ll be in fine form for International Talk Like a Pirate Day on Sept. 19.

– Jan Uebelherr, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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