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Hoskinses celebrate 5th anniversary

Late happy anniversary wishes to Kim Fields Hoskins and Roger Hoskins of Oneida. They were married five years, Aug. 6. I hope you both enjoyed your day, and I wish you many more.

Last week was much better. I just have to take one day at a time. Sometimes I think my nerves and depression would be better if I got out and got a job. I have just about always worked out of the home, a nursing home as an aide and ward clerk, department manager, sales clerk and cashier at the service desk at Walmart, two diff erent times I did private care for the elderly, and I’ve worked in factories.

I have plenty of experience, I just wanted to stay home and enjoy it for a while. The way the economy is, it would probably be hard to get a job. I guess if the right job came along I would consider it. I have also done some office work and that’s what I would like to get back into. It might not be as depressing.

Some of the people on Cowan have been discussing how they need a guardrail on top of the hill at the Cowan Community Center on 931 South. I have always thought that they need one. When I was in grade school, the swingset was at the bottom of that hill, and now the road is busier than ever with the Head Start being there with kids. The Cowan Music School is there, and there is always something going on there. Maybe someone will take notice and put a guardrail there.

Some places have guardrails where there are only trees. I have always thought they would have a bad accident there. Some have wrecked right above or right below, but if a drunk or someone not familiar with the road misses that curve, look out. Let’s not wait until someone gets hurt or killed.

Aug. 26 will be our son, Mike Fields’s birthday. He will be 39 years old. He said that he wanted $50 and a steak dinner. I told him to keep dreaming. Maybe $20 if he’s lucky, or a steak dinner. I hope he has a good one.

Sept. 1 Pam and Marvin Taylor Jr. will celebrate their weeding anniversary. I hope you have a good one, and many more.

Sept. 3 is Marvin Taylor Jr.’s birthday. Have a good one; maybe Pam will take you out to eat. I will put the rest of the birthdays for September in later on.

It seems like my word for the week is ‘there.’ I’ve used it in a lot of places. Sorry.

My son Chad and his wife Amber will be down next weekend. I will be glad to see them, and I’m so glad he went back to work at Cummins in Columbus, Ind. Thanks for your prayers again.

I didn’t make it to Riverside Days. My granddaughter Ashley went on Friday night and she said that she enjoyed it. I met her friend from school, Jessica Marie Jones. My husband and I thought she looked like Ashley. She is real nice.

I’m glad to see Ashley happy again, and being able to talk to her family and friends. She is still going to church and I hope that her faith will help her and that she will make the right decisions in life.

Keep Irene and Eugene Day in your prayers. They are both having blood pressure problems, of it getting too low. Also, keep my sister-in-law Margaret Pack Fields in your prayers. She has problems with her back.

James and I are falling apart, but I don’t think there’s any help for us. My brother Archie is doing fair.

Keep all of my neighbors, family and friends, the lost and the homeless, in your prayers and also the shut-ins, people in nursing homes and hospitals.

I guess Bill Maggard of Columbus, Ind. had to take care of himself over the weekend as his wife Agnes and daughter Anna went to a ladies’ retreat in Indianapolis with some church ladies from Anna’s church.

I went to one of those years ago and came home so spiritually refreshed. It was good being with the sisters of the church and other churches, hearing the wonderful speakers, getting to stay in a motel, and eating out or having dinner catered. You learn so much and come back home and apply to your life the valuable lessons you have learned. I hope they enjoyed it.

Hello to Georgette Day Simms, her husband Harry, and granddaughter Madison. I hope they are all well

A big hello to the readers and writers of The Mountain
and may God bless each and every one of you.

I miss all of my friends from church, and I miss going to church. Time will heal the hurt. I love all of them and wish them well.

We wish Bro. Leroy Fields well. He is the new pastor of the G. Bennett Adams Church at Premium. May God bless him and the congregation.

Well, enough for now and in the meantime, “Keep smiling — it makes people wonder what you are up to.”

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