Whitesburg KY

Hospital is supporting ‘Yellow Dot’ program

The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety (KOHS) recently introduced the Yellow Dot Program, a free service that alerts first responders at crash scenes of critical, potentially life-saving medical information.

The KOHS offers these guidelines for the program:

— The Yellow Dot decal is placed in the lower-left corner on the driver-side rear window.

— A Yellow Dot personal information folder is placed in the glove compartment of the vehicle. The completed form should include a clear, close-up face shot picture that can be easily identified as the crash victim.

— The Yellow Dot folder should be on top of other papers and readily visible to first responders.

— If more than one person uses the vehicle, or if children are routinely carried in the vehicle, a separate Yellow Dot folder for each regular occupant should be available. All Yellow Dot folders should be kept together in the glove compartment to make retrieval in an emergency faster.

— The Yellow Dot folder contains basic medical and emergency contact information, personal physician’s contact information, current medical conditions, allergies and medications, and a history of recent surgeries.

As a regional hospital and as the only designated Level II trauma center for more than 425,000 people, PMC says it understands the importance of the Yellow Dot Program. The hospital has made it convenient for patients and visitors to receive Yellow Dot folders. They are available at all physician practices upon check-out and in waiting areas within the PMC Clinic and the hospital. In addition, patients who are hospitalized will receive a Yellow Dot folder during the discharge process.

“This program … helps emergency responders quickly get the information they need to make split decisions that can increase a crash victim’s chance of survival,” said PMC President/CEO Walter E. May.

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