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Hospital trip ends in obstacle overcome

I reckon most if not all of you have heard someone say they stuck their foot in their mouth. I know I have uttered those same words. But I went a mite further. I put both feet in my mouth.

I recently complained because I had been in a hospital every four months. Well, it backfired on me. This time I only got to stay out one month.

On July 24, I took another hair-raising ride from Whitesburg ARH to Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington. I’m glad it was dark too, or my hair would have no doubt been standing at attention.

Everyone at Central Baptist was real nice to me. One of my nurses was a small man and as soon as I saw him the wheels started to turn in my head. I knew I had seen that face before. I seldom every forget a face, but a name is a horse of a different color. It turns out I had attended college with him several years ago. He is Jeff Day from Kingscreek, just a few miles from where I live. Small world, isn’t it?

There were several from areas around this neck of the woods. I could tell by talking to Jeff that he still misses these old hills of home. Maybe someday he will get to come back to the hills.

He, along with the others, were kind but also very professional. They knew what they were doing and did what they needed to do. I would rather have Jeff give me the needle than anyone I can think of.

I wasn’t the only one from this area who was a patient there, but I couldn’t get loose to check on them. First they tried shocking my heart to get it back in rhythm, but after stopping it twice and restarting it they gave up on that idea. So now I have a pacemaker and a defibrillator and quite frankly I feel like I got hit by a truck.

The soreness will go away with time so I am not complaining. I have an awful lot to be thankful for. I told my grandchildren that at the rate I was going they would have a bionic grandpa, but they don’t care as long as they’ve got Papaw.

My wife was pretty worn out, too, because she stayed with me all the while from July 24 to July 29 when I was released from the hospital. It only took two hours to get my surgery done and it took two hours to get me from here to there, but just think of times of long ago, how long it would have taken to get a patient that far. I doubt very many of them would have survived the trip much less have gotten anything to help them.

I may not act too smart sometimes, but I’m a tough old nut. But I’m not stupid, either. I know that sooner or later I will face an obstacle that I can’t overcome, but I thank God for the obstacles He has already helped me overcome.

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